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GridWatch – March 24, 2015

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GridWatch March 24, 2015

It this issue of GridWatch we provide an update on Smart Grid and Sustainability news involving leading Universities, including Ryerson’s New Smart Grid Lab and a collaborative positon paper on Climate Change just released out of McGill. The latter was a collaborative effort involving 70+ researchers across Canada. We also cover a broad spectrum of Smart Grid News and a snapshot of headlines generated by GridSmartCity partners.

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Academia, the Smart Grid and Sustainability

Smart Grid Lab Opens at Ryerson University
Ryerson University and the Ontario Ministry of Energy have unveiled their Smart Grid Laboratory at Ryerson’s Centre for Urban Energy (CUE) in Toronto. The facility, Canada’s first university-based smart grid laboratory, is now available to partners and collaborators seeking to test new products or operational strategies, validate grid solutions, conduct research, and train employees.

Acting on Climate Change: A solution from Scholars

A 56-page policy document just released in a collaboration by more than 70 scientists, engineers and economists says Canada is in a more favourable position than most countries for a switch to renewable power, including large-scale hydroelectric. The most significant barrier is not technical or economic, but a lack of political will, they said.   The document was led by Sustainable Canada Dialogues whose mandate is to find scholarly consensus on science-based, viable solutions for greenhouse gas reduction.

Self-storing Solar Power Possible with Graphene, says Sunvault Energy
Sunvault Energy, a Canadian renewable energy company, says that graphene-based supercapacitors, developed by UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles), have the potential to change the way that we charge portable electronic devices, from smartphones to electric vehicles.

Student Team Testing Smart Grid Security Project
Syracuse University News
Student Team Testing Smart Grid Security Project … simulates key parts of National Grid’s Worcester pilot project and are planning to provide …

Developing Smarter SmartGrids
Scientific Computing
A team led by researchers at North Carolina (NC) State University, with partners from the Renaissance Computing Institute (RENCI) at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, are using cloud computing resources to analyze smart grid data from thousands of sensors, called phasor measurement units, or PMUs

SmartGrid & Sustainability

Obama climate change order to push shift to renewables
President Barack Obama last week ordered the US federal government to cut its emissions of greenhouse gases by 40 per cent, as the U.S. seeks to spur other nations to get serious about climate change. Obama’s executive order also directs the government to ramp up use of renewable energy sources to 30 per cent of the federal government’s consumption. The White House said U.S. taxpayers could save up to $18 billion in electricity costs by reducing greenhouse gases 40 per cent over the next decade, compared to 2008 levels.

Smart Grid Will Face New Threats and Make More Progress – Solar Energy
Two reports published earlier this year detail anticipated advances in smart grids in 2015, while also pointing to major challenges that threaten to keep our power system stuck on stupid.   In the first report, a white paper, Navigant Research explores a host of smart-grid trends to watch in 2015 and beyond, highlighting both positive and negative signals – though mostly the former.  “Indeed, it is a fast-moving industry in many respects – technological breakthroughs and innovations emerge almost daily – and yet, the utilities expected to implement these new systems and build ever more intelligent (reliable and efficient) grids move at a relatively slow pace,” noted the report.  Once-passive electric utility consumers are becoming proactive consumers” – which the report calls “prosumers” – primarily by generating their own electricity with rooftop solar electric systems. “With federal tax credits for solar panels set to expire at the end of 2016, growth in the number of prosumers will likely accelerate through 2015 and 2016,” projected the report

In the second report, the Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative’s inaugural Annual Report, “Connecting Consumers with the Promise of the Smart Grid,” provides an integrated analysis of what SGCC knows about consumer trends related to the smart grid after conducting in-depth research studies and talking to more than 7, 000 U.S. residential consumers. The report highlights the seven key themes and takeaways from the research conducted by SGCC in 2014. In addition to collecting information about consumer attitudes, behavior and experiences with smart grids, the group aspires to provide “thought leadership” to the nascent industry. The strategic plan foresees “connecting with smart-grid industry stakeholders and facilitating dialogue to identify shared objective, shared experience and overcome obstacles to consumer engagement.”

Lend Lease to pioneer large scale battery storage for new Perth
Development groups Lend Lease and LandCorp are to pioneer a major community-level battery storage pilot that could change the way that residential communities source energy, including not being connected to the grid.   The pilot project at Alkimos Beach, a sustainable community develop in the northern suburbs of Perth, will include 1.1MWh of lithium ion battery storage that will service more than 100 homes with rooftop solar panels.

‘Lake Erie HVDC Power Line remedy for US Coal plant retirements
If all goes as planned, a virtual 1,000-megawatt power plant will “open” for business near Erie, Pa., in 2019. It would be just in time to help fill the void left by some of the coal-fired plants that are shuttered or scaled back in the PJM Interconnection in response to U.S. EPA’s climate and environmental rules.  The power will originate not in Pennsylvania, but in Ontario, Canada, transmitted beneath Lake Erie on a billion-dollar, high-voltage direct-current (HVDC) power line.

SolarCity Combines Its Skills to Finance ‘Microgrids as a Service’
SolarCity, the largest solar installer and financier in the U.S., is now offering “microgrids as a service” by integrating its existing expertise in distributed renewables, inverters, energy storage, and control software. Those elements are already a portion of what makes a microgrid.  Utility giant Duke Energy is working on interoperability between devices in a coalition involving ABB, Alcatel-Lucent, AT&T, Cisco, Elster Solutions, General Electric (acquiring Alstom), Itochu, Itron, Leidos Engineering, S&C Electric Company, and Schneider Electric.


Climate change: Coalition accused of politicising greenhouse gas …

The GuardianProfessor Ross Garnaut, Labor’s former climate change adviser, said there was “nothing at all political in the change in trajectory … these …

Hydro One Sale

Lobbying heats up for Hydro One
The Globe and Mail
Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne will soon say whether the government will keep Hydro One separate or whole as companies and groups lobby on the government’s review…

Ontario preparing options for electricity distribution overhaul
Globe and Mail
Premier Kathleen Wynne and Ed Clark, her government-assets adviser, are preparing privatization options for the province’s electricity distribution regime…

Wynne won’t rule out selling majority stake in Hydro One
Globe and Mail
Premier Kathleen Wynne’s government is leaving the door open to a majority privatization of Hydro One, even as it moves to reassure the public that the province would hold on to significant control of the company in the event of a sale…

Ontario’s Hydro One privatization plan could scare off investors
Globe and Mail
Critics say the government’s plan to retain control of electricity giant would diminish appeal of offering…

What to look for in a Hydro One IPO
Globe and Mail
The low interest rate environment, combined with a virtually bulletproof competitive position, will make the proposed Ontario government initial public offering of part of Hydro One a huge hit with investors…

Liberals eye $10 billion Hydro One windfall
Toronto Star
The province will retain the largest stake in Hydro One regardless of how much of the $16-billion transmission utility is sold…

GridSmartCity Partners in the News

Ontario’s IESO issues RFP for 300MW wind
Ontario’s independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) is requesting proposals by 1 September for 565MW of renewable generation including 300MW of wind and 140MW of solar. This is the first of three request for proposals (RFPs) under IESO’s Large Renewable Procurement (LRP) competitive process that supports Ontario’s targeted goal of 10.7GW of non-hydro renewable energy capacity by 2021.
New Suspended LEDs from Eaton / Cooper
Illumination in Focus
Power management company Eaton has announced the introduction of the Corelite RZL light-emitting diode (LED) Suspended Luminaire. The energy efficient linear direct/indirect LED continuous row system provides a cost effective solution in large open ceiling environments, offering up to 55 percent in energy savings over fluorescent luminaires.

Waterloo North Hydro warns customers about potential scam
CBC News
Waterloo North Hydro is warning customers about a potential scam that involves a caller claiming to be from the local utility and threatens to cut off the customer’s electricity if they don’t pay up…

SolarCity Combines Its Skills to Finance ‘Microgrids as a Service’
SolarCity, the largest solar installer and financier in the U.S., is now offering “microgrids as a service” by integrating its existing expertise in distributed renewables, inverters, energy storage, and control software. Those elements are already a portion of what makes a microgrid. (Typical backup generation in a microgrid relies on a diesel gen-set.) Utility giant Duke Energy is working on interoperability between devices in its “coalition of the willing,” but Duke has its eyes on potentially offering microgrid services in the future. Joining Duke in the coalition are companies including ABB, Alcatel-Lucent, AT&T, Cisco, Elster Solutions, General Electric (acquiring Alstom), Itochu, Itron, Leidos Engineering, S&C Electric Company, and Schneider Electric

Big Win for Elster in Mexico
Elster Solutions announced today that its EnergyAxis® smart grid system has been selected to support one of the largest Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) projects ever deployed in Mexico and Latin America.

Is a plug-in hybrid really the best of both driving worlds?
The Globe and Mail
A few weeks ago, I even drove to work without the plug for the electric car I … According to Brian Millar, communications adviser at Plugn Drive, …

Union Gas Supports Waterloo First Robotics Regional Competition
Union Gas Media Release
For the third consecutive year, Union Gas, a Gold Level Sponsor of FIRST Robotics Canada (FRC), will support eight Ontario teams as well as three robotics competitions across the province through a $50,000 grant.

Ontario’s Power Trip: How do you sell ‘ratepayers’ future liabilities’?
Financial Post
THE CANADIAN PRESS/Colin PerkelOntario has a “surplus baseload generation” ….. I agree that solar power is always going to be cheaper in areas where average daily … None of these trends will change going forward


Power Outages Can be Prevented

Global Smart Grid Federation

Tollgrade Communications, Inc., and DTE Energy will unveil their Predictive Grid Quarterly Report — the first of eight to be released under Tollgrade’s Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Commitment to Action for a comprehensive grid modernization project with DTE Energy.

Power outages affect thousands across GTA
Toronto Star
Thousands of customers in Toronto, Vaughan, Markham and Richmond Hill are without power due to hydro pole fires…

Toronto Hydro systems put to the test
Toronto Sun
When snow and freezing rain knocked out power to thousands this week, changes made at Toronto Hydro following the infamous ice storm of December 2013 were put to the test…

Blackouts hit thousands across GTA
CBC News
Thousands across the GTA lost electrical power on Tuesday night and, by early Wednesday, it was unclear for many when the lights would come back on…

Emergency response could improve, report says
Toronto Star
The ice storm of 2013 saw two years worth of freezing rain fall in two days, the weight of which snapped off branches and toppled trees…


Electric Vehicles

Tesla to offer hands-free steering on Model S in 3 months
Globe and Mail
Tesla Motors Inc. will soon offer upgrades including hands-free steering on its Model S sedan, chief executive officer Elon Musk said on Thursday…

China boosts fleet of electric, hybrid vehicles amid anti-pollution push
Globe and Mail
The Transport Ministry announced Wednesday that officials aimed to add 200,000 buses and 100,000 taxis powered by alternative fuels by 2020…

Benefits of electric vehicles depend on plants producing clean sources
Globe and Mail
Professor Christopher Kennedy says in a journal that shifting to electric vehicles will only reduce emissions if plants generate low levels of greenhouse gases…

More electric car charging stations? Regina is looking into it
Global News
Regina city council has asked for a report into the feasibility of supporting charging stations…


IESO’s 18-Month Outlook Forecasts Adequate Electricity Supply and
Canada NewsWire
TORONTO, March 23, 2015 /CNW/ – Ontario’s electricity system is well resourced to meet electricity demand through the summer and over the next year and a …

Ontario Energy Board Issues Decision Respecting Hydro One’s
Canada NewsWire
TORONTO, March 12, 2015 /CNW/ – Hydro One announced today that the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) issued a decision respecting its …

Ontario’s IESO issues RFP for 300MW wind
Ontario’s independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) is requesting proposals by 1 September for 565MW of renewable generation …


EUB hearings into NB Power unfair pricing concerns face a delay
CBC News
An effort to undo decades of unfair pricing of electricity for thousands of commercial businesses in New Brunswick may power down, just a month before scheduled hearings into the issue were to begin.

Hydro-Québec hikes home electricity rates by 2.9%
CBC News
Quebecers will soon be shelling out more for electricity, as Hydro-Québec rates are set to increase 2.9 per cent on April 1.

Hydro-Quebec’s 2014 profit surges 15% to $3.38 billion due to cold weather
Canadian Business News
Cold winter weather helped profits at Hydro-Quebec surge 15 per cent to $3.38 billion in 2014, the provincially owned utility said Thursday…


How do you sell ‘ratepayers’ future liabilities’?
National Post
On the surface the Ontario government’s plan to monetize hidden value buried in the province’s massive state-owned electricity monopolies seems like a good one…

Smart Meters, TOU, Hydro Costs

Ontario’s smart meters aptly named
Toronto Star
Ontario’s rollout of smart meters is the right move, despite a small portion needing to be replaced and their unpopularity among a few groups…

Ontario’s energy minister warns of heftier hydro bills after cold snap
CTV News
Ontario’s Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli says residents should be prepared for higher-than-normal electricity bills after February’s deep freeze…

Differential in time-of-use pricing may change: Chiarelli
Toronto Sun
The Ontario government may increase the cost differential in time-of-use electricity pricing to take greater advantage of smart meters, Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli says…

Rate increase could be coming for hydro customers
CTV News
Hydro customers in Ottawa could be facing another increase in rates…


Kauai struggles to keep up with solar growth

Hawaii has plunged into solar power in the past few years, although the path has not always been a smooth one. The attraction is easy to understand. In addition to its fabled abundance of sun, roughly 75 percent of the state’s power generation comes from very expensive imported oil. The island of Kauai is a perfect example of both the attraction solar has and the hurdles it can present

Solar sails set course for a new journey into renewable energy | Business | The Guardian
The Guardrian
“I didn’t invent solar, I didn’t invent fabric but I found a way to put them together.
Canadian Solar shares surge as spinoff ‘yieldco’ plans move ahead
Globe and Mail
Guelph-based firm plans to hang onto more completed projects through separate company…
Tariffs on Chinese solar panels may hurt Canadian renewables industry
The Globe and Mail

New import tariffs on Chinese-made solar panels threaten to dent enthusiasm for solar power and slow the shift to renewable energy in Canada, some industry players warn.

Is solar having its ‘shale’ moment?
Globe and Mail
Evidence that the tipping point is on the horizon comes from two pieces of research…


Wind could supply a third of the U.S. power needs by 2050
Hamilton Spectator
Wind power could provide more than a third of electricity in the U.S. by 2050 while yielding a net savings in energy costs paid by consumers, the U.S. Energy Department reported in a major study released

New wind energy plan fragile
Whig Standard News
In the coming days, Ontario electricity officials will release new rules for host community engagement for wind energy companies seeking to build wind farms in the province…


Germany shelves plan to subsidize sale of electric company cars
Globe and Mail
The government of German chancellor Angela Merkel wanted one-million electric vehicles on country…

GridWatch – January 26, 2015

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Hydrogen and Electric Vehicles Close Up

Featured Videos

5 Minute charge and 483 km range highlights Honda’s Hydrogen Unveiling

Chevy Volt gets an Energy Jolt led by 32% Increase in Range

Honda Introduces Vehicle Powered by Hydrogen
New York Times
DETROIT — The movement toward alternative-energy vehicles received another push on Tuesday when
Honda unveiled a hydrogen-powered car it aims to begin selling in March 2016 in Japan. While much of the attention on alternative powertrains has focused on electric vehicles — thanks to the success of Tesla’s Model S and the potential of General Motors’ second-generation Chevy Volt (and its concept, 200-mile-range Bolt) — the future is far from set in terms of what may eventually challenge the internal-combustion engine.

Arrival of Toyota’s Fuel-cell
Automotive Authority
Yesterday, we got our first look at Toyota’s new fuel cell vehicle due in showrooms next fall,
the 2016 Mirai. Now, we have the all-important pricing details on the hydrogen-powered sedan

First drive: 2016 Toyota Mirai
The hydrogen-fueled Toyota Mirai will change the way you think about transportation

GM Reboots Chevrolet Volt as Automakers Push Electric Cars
New York Times
DETROIT — While sales of new cars and trucks are soaring, demand for electric vehicles is still sputtering along in the slow lane. But that’s not …

Nissan investing in EV charging stations in ‘more motivated’ Quebec
The Globe and Mail
At the Montreal Auto Show, Nissan Canada announced financial support of the Electric Circuit…

Tesla aiming for ‘at least a few million’ vehicles on the road by 2025, CEO Elon Musk says
Financial Post‎
Tesla should turn a profit in five years after it brings a lower-cost model to market and sells…

Plunging oil prices could kill electric and hyrbid cars
Gas-guzzling cars are gaining favor once again, as low oil prices are cheapening petrol, driving consumers away from more economic and …

Why cheap gas can’t kill the electric car
Washington Post
From 2010 to 2014, U.S. electric car sales surged from almost nothing to about 120,000 per year. But the haters and doubters persist. Analysts …

What’s still killing the electric car
The Globe and Mail
When choosing the most significant cars of 2014, there were two machines at the top of nearly every list: Ford’s new aluminum-bodied F-150 …

Toronto a hub for electric cars in Canada
The Weather Network
These fully electric and plug-in hybrid electric cars are the stars of a five-day event, on until Friday, January 16, marking a special milestone …

University research team shows solar energy extends electric...
Windsor Star
Moore said he’s hoping to launch sales of low-speed electric vehicles — a new Transport Canada classification in North America — with …

10 Must-See Electric Cars at this Year’s International Auto Show
And many of those new vehicles are hybrid and electric. Elon Musk, the founder of Tesla Motors, doesn’t feel threatened by the competition, …

Cyber Security

Sony Hack: N. Korean Intel Gleaned By NSA During Incursion
Comments by top U.S. officials, including President Barack Obama, that blamed North Korea for the Sony Pictures Entertainment cyberattack …

US military Twitter, YouTube accounts hacked by ISIS … – CBC
The Twitter and YouTube accounts for the U.S. military’s central command operations were hacked on Monday. A warning for American …

NSA Breached North Korean Networks Before Sony Attack, Officials
New York Times
Mr. Obama’s decision to accuse North Korea of ordering the largest … Still, the sophistication of the Sony hack was such that many experts say …

Risk Management In A Digital World – Addressing Cyber-Security
Mondaq News
In Ontario, several class actions have been certified or partially … of the costly impact of cyber-security breaches, a survey issued in 2012 by …

Hackers Uploaded a Worm to South Korean Nuclear Plants
The reactor controls of Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power (KHNP), the state-run utility affected, are not connected to any … Either way, the worm and them hacks do not reflect well on the state of South Korea’s cybersecurity.

How US Power Generators Are Preparing for 2015
POWER magazine
In mid-November, members of the POWER Generating Company Advisory Team … Our more flexible resources such as hydro and natural gas ….. have a much heightened sense of physical and cyber security awareness.

South Korean nuclear operator strengthens security system against
Networks Asia
Last week it ran a two-day drill in preparation for possible cyber attack. Despite the efforts, criticism has mounted of the company’s security and …

Renewable Energy and Protecting the Grid from Terrorism and
Obviously the reports don’t go into great detail, for security reasons. … more grid-level storage (batteries, compressed air, pumped hydro, and … But as the grid becomes “smarter” it’s also more susceptible to cyber attacks.

Analytics, cyber security top CIO concerns for 2015
ITWorld Canada
“By 2017, 80 per cent of the CIO’s time will be focused on analytics, cyber security and creating new revenue streams through digital services,” …

GSC Partners In the News

Hydro customers to pay more to cover ice storm costs
The Independent Free Press
Starting this month through Oct. 2016, Halton Hills Hydro customers will be paying more on their hydro bills to cover the utility company’s $1.56-million 2013 ice storm costs.

Residential water costs among highest in province
Kingston Whig-Standard
The changes, if approved by city council, are part of a Utilities Kingston report that recommends each sector pay their fair share for water services.

Today marks one year anniversary of December ice storm
570 News
Barb Shortreed, Spokesperson for Cambridge North Dumfries Hydro … decides to swoop in at the last hour, their hydro team is more than prepared.

Schools receive funds for accepting Milton Hydro challenge
Two Milton schools were presented with $750 each for their participation in a Milton Hydro initiative that helps households reduce their energy …

Oakville Hydro’s Sunny Shores Green Energy Solar Park Goes Live
Exchange Morning Post
Picton – Oakville Hydro Corporation and Oakville-based renewable power experts; Spark Solar Group Inc. announced the finalization and grid …

Gearing up for winter’s wrath
Waterloo Record
With the recent acquisition of Brant County Power, CND Hydro will have a bigger pool of people it can call on in an emergency. Shortreed …

‘Spoofing’ suspected in phone scam attempt on Guelph business
Guelph Mercury
That was the case last month when Bollywood Bistro owner Lekhnath Sapkota received a call purportedly from Guelph Hydro demanding an …

The Independent Electricity System Operator and Ontario Power
Canada NewsWire (press release)-Jan 2, 2015
2, 2015 /CNW/ – The Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) and the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) have now merged, operating as …

Police seek public’s help in copper reel theft
Vulcan Advocate
A copper reel worth $1,000 was stolen from a K-Line Maintenance and Construction work site along Township Road 145, south of Travers Lake …

Gas distributors stand by concerns over Energy East pipeline
The Globe and Mail
In an interview Wednesday, Union Gas Ltd. president Steve Baker said TransCanda the Calgary pipeline company is forcing gas users in …

Making Electric Vehicles Fun
Alternatives Journal
To kick things into a higher gear, the WWF has partnered with Plugn Drive to promote the Transportation rEVolution program, which supports …


Hydro One guilty in workplace death
Kingston Whig-Standard
Hydro One guilty in workplace death Hydro One has been fined $325,000 after a workplace death in 2013 at the company’s Hinchinbrooke Distribution…

Horizon warns of ongoing phone scam
St. Catharines Standard
Horizon Utilities Corp. is again reminding customers of an ongoing phone scam where impostors identify themselves as ‘Horizon Utilities…

Hydro One looks to increase rates by up to 4%
CBC News
Hydro One looks to increase rates by up to 4% Cottage-owners and rural residents in the northwest may have to dig deeper into their pockets to…

Effective January 1, 2015 Board of Directors for the New
Government of Ontario News-
Dr. O’Neill was appointed Chair of the IESO Board of Directors on December 8, 2010. He is the President of O’Neill Strategic Economics and a …

Ontario Power Authority employee fired after trading investigation
Toronto Star
An employee of the Ontario Power Authority has been fired after an investigation into stock holdings involving the cancelled Oakville gas plant.

Fear of trees still lingers after ice storm
Toronto Star
A year after the ice storm, arborist Todd Irvine says people are still gripped by fear of falling limbs and demanding aggressive pruning.


Ontario missing energy conservation targets, says watchdog
Toronto Star
Most of Ontario’s 75 local utilities have missed targets to reduce electricity demand at peak times, says environmental commissioner Gord Miller.

Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk to examine power system
Toronto Sun
Ontario Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk is turning her sharp eye to the subject of power planning in the province for her next annual report.


Ontario and Quebec’s November storm tops $90 million in insured damage: IBC
Canadian Underwriter
Palumbo says the industry is “talking with governments about improving infrastructure, updating flood maps and revisiting land use planning to keep homes off flood plains.”

Debate to bury power lines resurfaces
Global News
The south shore bedroom community of St-Lambert is a picturesque fixture on the Quebec landscape. But the rustic town with tree-lined streets also has a bit of an eye soar high in the sky: power lines.

Quebec ice storm: Why it’s impossible to storm-proof the power grid
CBC News
This time, power was restored relatively quickly – within 12 hours for the majority of Quebecers – which reflects some of the lessons hydro-electricity…


Carbon pricing coming to Ontario, strategy to be unveiled this year
The Globe and Mail
Environment Minister pledges ‘economically positive’ transition to low-carbon economy as province weighs tax, cap-and-trade systems

Smart Meters , TOU, Hydro Costs

MPP sees challenges in 2015 0
The Daily Observer
Last year, the fight against hydro rates spread across Ontario. In April even, a planned province-wide hydro rate protest was held in roughly 24 towns and cities in Ontario.

Jack up peak hydro rates: Enviro commish
Toronto Sun‎
Ontarians should pay four or five times more for “on-peak” than off-peak electricity to…

Kelly McParland: Smart meters, another botched program on
National Post
Take just one example, the “smart meter” program that is at the heart of Mr. Miller’s assessment. The government told Ontarians it would cost $1 …

Smart Grid Sensor Market – Global Industry Analysis and Forecast
Digital Journal
Smart metering and meter data analytics, grid management, and … Elster Solutions, GE’s Digital Energy, Silver Spring Networks, Cisco, Google, …

Smart meters not living up to their billing
Hamilton Spectator-
The auditor general of Ontario, Bonnie Lysyk, has been very critical of the Ontario smart meter program in her 45-page report delivered on Dec.

Hydro gives customers tight deadline to opt-out of smart meters
MONTREAL – Hydro-Quebec may have already moved ahead and installed its smart meters in over 2.5 million homes, but the company says it …

Smart meters cut power-failure times: Hydro-Québec
Montreal Gazette
Hydro-Québec’s new smart meters shortened the duration of Quebec’s widespread power failures after last weekend’s ice storm, a utility …


Health, environment motivate people to cut energy use, study finds
Toronto Star
Information about health and environmental impacts, not cost savings, prompts people to reduce energy use in homes, says new study.

Energy efficiency
The Economist
The company can develop economies of scale and tap financial markets for … shift power to countries with the right geography for hydro-electric generation. … Given the risk of cyber-attacks, security will need serious thought.

GridWatch – November 2014

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5th Annual Round Table: Tuesday, November 25th to Tackle Timely Subject for 200+ Registered Delegates – Networking Breakfast Starts at 7:30 am – Formal Proceedings at 8:30 am

Recent extreme weather events in Ontario have led many utilities to conduct major reviews of their outage management systems and customer communications protocols.  Numerous initiatives were precipitated by the December 2013 Ice Storm and other recent events, but are we doing enough?  This year’s Round Table key note will make a compelling case that future extreme weather events might occur at a scale and frequency exponentially larger than any of us ever anticipated. Few argue with the need to be ready for a weather event of catastrophic proportions, after the fact, but how many have the required foresight and the leeway before it occurs?

Few argue with the need to be ready for a weather event of catastrophic proportions, after the fact, but how many have the required foresight and the leeway before it occurs?   What are we preparing for, exactly?  How big … is big, in an environment where storms seem to continuously upstage the last?

And what about funding? Is it feasible to pay for extreme weather preparedness initiatives from traditional funding channels?  Probably not based on the current landscape.  So where do we turn?

LDCs strongest play might be seizing the opportunity to develop new products and services of value that help critical mission businesses keep their operations up and running, despite the conditions?  Perhaps therein lies the solution to the funding challenge and how to thrive in today’s ‘more volatile world.’

What are we preparing for, exactly?  How big … is big, in an environment where storms seem to continuously upstage the last? To pick up on this discussion and more, we look forward to seeing our 200+ registrants next week!  The event gets underway at 7:30 am with a Networking Breakfast, and the formal proceedings start at roughly 8:30 am.

Read more severe weather headlines and industry news follows.

Featured Video
Cold weather grips most of North America due to an Omega Block. What is an Omega Block?

Featured Topic …. Extreme Weather

In 49 states, it’s below freezing in at least one spot
By Dave Hennen, CNN Senior Meteorologist … The Arctic air pouring over the relatively warm Great Lakes waters is producing extreme lake-effect snows. … on the ground Tuesday morning, according to the National Weather …

Obama’s China climate deal: Job killer or worth the cost?
“Companies are concerned about direct impacts, such as extreme weather damaging facilities or disrupting power, and also indirect impacts, …

UN Climate Change Report: World Must Phase Out Most Fossil
International Business Times
The world must stop using nearly all electricity from coal, oil and natural …. Climate scientists project that extreme weather events will become

IPCC chief: ‘We need to tell the truth and if that truth is blunt, so be it’
Business Green
… in the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events and then in … 40 per cent of the electricity has come from wind energy and that’s a

IPCC: rapid carbon emission cuts vital to stop severe impact of
The Guardian
Carbon emissions, such as those from the Mehrum coal-fired power … the risk of severe heatwaves and other extreme weather and warns of

Canada must move to clean energy quickly, climate activists say
CTV News
… the severity of climate change impacts and extreme weather is not a … and electricity-generation sectors,” spokesperson Ted Laking said.

Nationwide blackout leaves Bangladesh in the dark
Toronto Star
Bangladesh was struggling to restore power late Saturday after a transmission line bringing electricity from neighbouring India failed.

NYPA post-Sandy measures strengthening electricity infrastructure

Niagara Frontier Publications
Two years after “Superstorm” Sandy, the New York Power Authority is … New York’s electricity infrastructure against future extreme weather …

U.N. climate change report: “Time is not on our side”
Toronto Star
Climate change is happening, it’s almost entirely man’s fault U.N. report says.

Ontario aims to join forces with Quebec on climate, electricity
Toronto Star
Kathleen Wynne and Philippe Couillard say they and their cabinets will meet next month to discuss energy, climate change and internal trade issues.

UN climate change draft sees risks of irreversible damage
The Globe and Mail
Risk of “serious, pervasive and irreversible impacts”.

Wind warning lifted after B.C. storm leaves thousands without power
The Globe and Mail
Environment Canada warns a Pacific frontal system could dump up to 60 millimetres of rain by early Wednesday, though the rainfall is expected to ease in the morning.

Sandy Motivates NY to Explore Microgrids
Climate Central
The Rockaways is also where Long Island’s power lines end. … Extreme weather is almost guaranteed to keep the Rockaways in the dark for

Understanding climate science in 10 easy steps
Greenpeace International (blog)
With higher air and sea temperatures, extreme weather events will happen more … It accounts for 73 % of the emissions from electricity production, … coal plant with CCS (the Boundary Dam project in Canada) is based on this

Severe Weather Rips Through South, Killing At Least Two
The extreme weather was expected to continue roiling the region on … a state of emergency as thousands of people were without electricity.

Industry News

Regulator approves purchase of Brant County Power
Cambridge Times
The Ontario Energy Board has endorsed Cambridge and North Dumfries Hydro’s purchase of Brant County Power and the transaction is expected to close later this month.

Ontario & Power: How to spend billions of dollars
Toronto Star
Billions of dollars worth of energy proposals are vying for attention in the province.

Importing power not the answer for Ontario, study says
Toronto Star
Ontario electricity planners have dumped cold water on the idea of importing big volumes of electricity from Manitoba and Quebec.

Liberal bill would tighten security for court and power stations in Ontario
Toronto Star
The Liberal government is moving to update sweeping powers to protect courts and power generating plants.

Hydro Ottawa says power outage due to issue with provincial grid
CBC News
Hydro Ottawa says a power outage that left some 30,000 customers without power Wednesday afternoon is due to a loss of supply from the provincial grid.


Aluminum-air battery may be cure for range anxiety
Toronto Star
Developed by Phinergy, an Israeli start-up, and aluminum giant Alcoa, the aluminum-air battery, its inventors say, could eliminate range anxiety from electric vehicles, adding 1,600 km.

When it comes to green vehicles, Norway’s plugged in
Toronto Star
Thanks to generous incentives, electric vehicles — Nissan Leafs in particular — are commonplace in Oslo


Energy minister won’t heed Fraser Institute report
Toronto Sun
The provincial government is not veering from its plans for solar and wind energy despite a warning in a new Fraser Institute report that it’s driving up electricity prices.


Wind farms outstrip nuclear power
BBC News
The UK’s wind farms generated more power than its nuclear power stations on Tuesday, the National Grid says. The energy network operator said it…

Goderich wind farm given green light by judge
Toronto Star
$850M project can go ahead, despite an ongoing appeal by an area farm family who say they are ‘guinea pigs in the name of green energy.’

Quebec’s rising energy costs aren’t driven by wind power: wind industry
Montreal Gazette
Nolet acknowledged that wind power has been pummeled in the Quebec media recently for contributing to Hydro-Québec’s large surplus and the


Bruce nuclear waste site is safe, says OPG
Toronto Star
Burying nuclear waste near the Bruce nuclear station is safe, says OPG, but its position is partly at odds with nearby First Nations.

Final words on Kincardine nuclear waste site
Toronto Star
Supporters and opponents of a proposed nuclear waste site near Kincardine have made final submissions to a federal panel.

Nuclear plants must give iodine pills to nearby residents, regulator says
Toronto Star
Radiation protection pills will be pre-distributed to people and businesses located near nuclear plants, according to a new regulation announced by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission on Friday.

GridWatch – September 2014

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GridSmartCity Announces Extreme Weather Theme for 5th Annual Round Table

Satellite image from December 22nd Ice Storm

GridSmartCity is pleased to announce our Round Table theme for 2014:”The Science of Dealing with Extreme Weather Events.”

Hosted by Oakville Hydro, our 5th annual event will be presented on Tuesday, November 25th at the Oakville Conference Centre, 2525 Wyecroft Rd. Oakville, ON. Featured keynotes are Chris St. Clair, The Weather Channel, with his presentation on the “Impact of changing weather patterns, increased frequency of storms, tornadoes and major weather events in Ontario”; Dr. Erwann Michel-Kerjan, Risk Management and Decision Processes Centre – “Why are we seeing more catastrophes and how can they be avoided or overcome?”; and Paul Kovacs, Economist and Executive Director, The Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction, University of Western Ontario – “How with proper mitigation measures, including public-private partnerships, damage from disasters could be reduced by up to half over the next 25 years.”

Secure your seat and help us with our planning – Please Register at your first opportunity.

Featured Video
Upcoming GirdSmartCity Keynote Speaker Dr. Erwann Michel-Kerjan (Wharton Risk Center), discusses the book he co-authored, “At War With the Weather,”  focusing on  how the insurance industry must tackle climate change and hazard mitigation together.

Featured Topic …. Extreme Weather

Three reasons why global warming requires a full stop for new tar
There is new hope with Ontario and Quebec pushing together for a … severe air pollution and extreme weather events are disrupting food …

Power restored after the ‘most damaging storm’ of the year
Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa Hydro was reporting “no outages” in the city Sunday night after crews spent the weekend restoring electricity following Friday’s thunderstorms.

Heat alert, thunderstorm watches and warning across southern Ontario
CTV News
Also Friday, severe thunderstorm watches and warnings were put in place across southwestern Ontario, with active weather expected to …

Toronto Hydro restores power to all customers after overnight outages
CTV News
Toronto Hydro has restored power to all homes affected by a line of severe thunderstorms that swept through the city on Friday night.

Crews work to restore power, clean-up from heavy storm
CBC News
Many people are left cleaning up the damage after Tuesday night’s thunderstorm that ripped down trees and left thousands without power.

‘Shocking’ damage from heavy summer snow will take days to clean up, says Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi
National Post
Commuters needed hours to get to work, snow-laden branches groaned and snapped and thousands of people were without power Wednesday…

Ontario-Quebec Power Pact

An Ontario-Quebec power pact would have a win-win outcome
Huffington Post
Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s recent pursuit of Quebec’s surplus hydro power signals the overdue realization that Ontario’s yearnings for …

Editorial: Energy sales to Ontario could be mutually profitable
Montreal Gazette
Premier Wynne expressed interest in buying Quebec hydro power if Ontario can get a “good deal.” Quebec happens to be generating a …

An Ontario-Quebec power pact would have a win-win outcome
The Globe and Mail
Ontario needs cheaper energy and Quebec has plenty of surplus power to offer.

Québec and Ontario Partner to Strengthen Central Canada’s Economy
Government of Ontario News
Québec Premier Philippe Couillard and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne … also discussed climate change in light of extreme weather events, …

Ontario talks hydro trade with Quebec and Manitoba
Toronto Star
Most of the output from Ontario Power Generation is sold at regulated prices; privately operated Bruce Power’s energy is contracted at prices higher …

Quebec-Ontario electricity trade is smart, but not simple
The Globe and Mail
The prospect of greater interprovincial trade in electricity would be a game-changer in Canada, and a very positive one…

GSC Partners

Ontario energy supply sufficient unless there is extreme weather: IESO
Sun News Network
TORONTO – Ontario has more than enough electricity supply to get through planned outages in its nuclear plants next year unless there is …

Repair of 11000 Storm-Damaged Trees Nears Completion
“The town’s forestry section and Oakville Hydro worked tirelessly and efficiently to clear potential danger from public areas. This work continues …

New University of Waterloo Antarctic images track climate change …
The University of Waterloo has published a unique mosaic of satellite images showing how climate change is affecting Antarctic sea ice.

Union Gas to lower rates, customers to save on energy costs
Stockhouse-Sep 12, 2014
CHATHAM, ON, Sept. 12, 2014 /CNW/ – Union Gas has applied to the Ontario Energy Board to decrease the rates its customers pay for natural …

With two new electric car charging stations, now five in the city
Cambridge Times
…is produced and distributed in Ontario, by Ontarians,” Miles said. … Each charging station is connected to an advanced Smart Meter, … EV chargers and hydro’s Smart Metering System can be tested and monitored over time.

S&C on Energy Storage Drivers and Roadblocks
Greentech Media-Sep 6, 2014
S&C Electric
Company is in the thick of the battle for the grid-scale energy storage market. It’s an emerging multi-billion-dollar market, and much …

Oakville lays out ‘ambitious’ five-year energy reduction plan
Oakville Beaver
The Town of Oakville has a plan to reduce its 2012 baseline energy consumption by 15 per cent over the next five years.

New system aims to shorten local power outages
Cambridge Times
Area residents may soon spend less time in the dark as a result of a new computer technology acquired by Cambridge and North Dumfries (CND) Hydro.

Guelph Hydro Introduces Free Real Time Usage Info
Fountain Pen
Guelph, Ontario August 20, 2014 Guelph Hydro Electric Systems Inc., the electric distribution utility serving more than 52,000 customers in Guelph…

Town wins energy conservation award
The Independent Free Press
The Town of Halton Hills was one of only three Ontario municipalities to receive the Community Conservation Award from the Ontario Power Authority at the Annual General Meeting of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) on Aug. 18.

Burlington Hydro asking for temporary rate increase to cover ice storm costs
Hamilton Spectator
Burlington Hydro has applied to the Ontario Energy Board for a temporary monthly rate increase of about 32 cents per residential customer to recover its costs of responding to last winter’s ice storm.

Halton Hills Hydro receives an “A” rating in customer satisfaction survey
Electric Energy Online
Halton Hills Hydro is pleased to report that 90 per cent of their customers are very or fairly satisfied with the service they are receiving from their local electricity utility.

Milton Hydro Hands Out Free Smart Thermostats As Part Of DR Program
Renew Grid
Ontario-based utility Milton Hydro is offering its customers a free ecobee Wi-Fi-enabled Smart Si thermostat that connects to their smart meters.

Burlington Hydro donates $30,000 to Burlington Flood Relief Fund
Burlington Post
Burlington Hydro announced this afternoon it is making a donation of $30,000 to the Burlington Flood Relief Fund in order to provide assistance to where it says is needed most.

Climate Change

U of T professor launches challenge against National Energy Board
Toronto Star
University of Toronto professor Danny Harvey launches constitutional challenge against NEB for refusing to consider climate change while weighing pipeline expansion.


Wynne, Couillard to push national energy strategy at premiers conference
The Globe and Mail
Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard recently forged a central Canadian alliance to co-operate on issues and bring prosperity back to their provinces.


Plugged-in to the future
AltEnergyMag (press release)-Sep 11, 2014
The consequent likely ramp up of production of EVs to meet … leads eCamion’s overall vision and is vice-chair of Energy Storage Ontario, …

The future of transport is electric — and it’s here
The Canadian government has set a goal of having 500,000 EVs on the road by … Ontario’s GO Transit published a study in 2010 that found

Nevada lawmakers gathering for special session on Tesla tax breaks
The Globe and Mail
Nevada is considering a package of tax breaks estimated at up to $1.3-billion aimed at cementing a deal with Tesla Motors Inc for a $5-billion battery plant.

Tesla CEO says could sign new deal with Toyota in 2-3 years
Electric car maker Tesla Motors Inc and Toyota Motor Corp the world’s best-selling automaker, could sign a new deal over the next two to three years, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said, as the two firms ready to end an existing program.

Battery factory brings Tesla Motors closer to mass-produced electric car
The Globe and Mail
The California-based electric car maker is a big step closer to mass producing an electric car.

Tesla fires up first two supercharger stations in Ontario
The Globe and Mail
Electric supercar auto maker has plans to expand Canadian network.


How to free Ontario’s electricity market
Financial Post
These are among the legacies of Ontario’s recent power system choices. … Resources like solar and battery storage could well change the …

Norfolk Power sale closes Friday
Simcoe Reformer
Local control of Norfolk’s electrical infrastructure officially ends this week.

Summer’s chill keeps hydro use down
The Record
Put on a sweater, step outside and listen. Hear that? That’s the sound of a cold summer.

Nat Gas

Gas plants scandal: Opposition MPPs want key witnesses to testify
Toronto Star
Critics plan to shame the Liberal government into getting a former McGuinty aide and her boyfriend to testify before MPPs probing the gas plants scandal.

Why Direct Energy is selling Ontario assets: Roseman
Toronto Star
In 2005, the Ontario Energy Board ordered Direct Energy and Enbridge to stop the shared billing relationship. But in 2007, the board decided on a …

Pipeline wars: Union Gas takes a swipe at Energy East
Toronto Star
Union Gas says TransCanada’s Energy East project will increase costs and risks for Ontario natural gas users.


Ontarians fear risks of burying radioactive waste in Bruce County
Toronto Sun
OWEN SOUND, Ont. — Critics of Ontario Power Generation’s plan to store radioactive waste deep below ground at the Bruce County nuclear …

OPG works to calm concerns over nuclear waste dump
Toronto Star
Hearing hears that New Mexico accident wouldn’t happen here, but some are not convinced.

Plan to bury nuclear waste near Lake Huron safe, experts say
The Globe and Mail
Critics in Ontario and Michigan, including state legislators, have condemned Ontario Power Generation’s plan for a deep geological repository.

The real question about nuclear disaster: Federal or provincial issue?
Toronto Star
Ontario health bureaucrats question whether federal officials should meddle with distributing protective pills in a nuclear disaster.

OPG says Darlington risks are contained
Toronto Star
Ontario Power Generation says has taken measures to curb financial risks in the $10 billion project to overhaul the Darlington nuclear plant.

Nuclear funds power OPG profit increase
Toronto Star
Ontario Power Generation reported higher profit in the second quarter, with higher income from its nuclear funds and from sales to other jurisdiction.


The Board has posted the PEG Report to the Board “Empirical Research in Support of Incentive Rate-Setting: 2013 Benchmarking Update”…


SolarShare grows as ‘green bonds’ heat up
The Globe and Mail
… get a stake in a portfolio of rooftop and small ground-mount solar projects. … “[The idea] is to speed Ontario’s transition toward a renewable energy … SolarShare projects sell their power under Ontario’s feed-in tariff (FIT …

Ontario’s solar energy program offers payment for generating clean …
Waterloo Record
In Ontario, the average residential solar PV system produces as much … From solar panels to LEDs, we have the products and the expertise to …

Canadian Solar shares jump on solar-projects business

The Globe and Mail
Stock rises 24 per cent despite extended U.S. tariff on solar products manufactured in China…

Smart Meters, TOU, Hydro Costs

No plans yet for wider use of digital smart power meters
Winnipeg Free Press
The smart meter has two purposes: It makes it easier for a utility to bill its customers and it teaches … Ontario has also introduced smart meters.

Smart meters blamed for unexplained fires not installed locally
Oakville Beaver
Oakville Hydro confirmed last week that a particular type of smart meter, which has been making headlines for catching fire in Saskatchewan, was not installed anywhere in town.

NDP asking who’s behind smart meter installer exemptions
Global News
The opposition is blasting the government again over the mess that’s become of the province’s smart meter program.

Smart meters in western Canada different those than in Ontario
Barrie Examiner
Fears that newly installed smart meters can catch fire have largely been doused by fire officials across the province.

City seeks smart meter review
Medicine Hat News
The City will hire an independent third party to evaluate the safety of its smart meters to ensure there is nothing overlooked, and it hopes that will help to instill confidence in the public…

Horizon says its smart meters are safe
Bullet News Niagara
ST. CATHARINES – Following recent news coverage regarding fires possibly linked to smart meters in Saskatchewan, Horizon Utilities has issued a …

Smart meter overbilling complaints investigated by Hydro-Québec
So far, the ombudsman has received close to 8,000 complaints against Ontario’s Hydro One. In response to a request from CBC News, Hydro-Québec

SaskPower says smoky smart meter in Regina was caused by power socket
Regina Leader-Post
SaskPower is not adding a smoky smart meter failure in Regina this weekend to its tally of nine meter-related fires that have occurred across the province.


New smart device being tested for homes
Ottawa Sun
Big Brother wants to help save you money on your electricity bill.

US News

Barack Obama seeking UN ‘name & shame’ greenhouse gas reduction pact
Toronto Star
Faced with a gridlocked U.S. Congress, the Obama administration is moving to strike a global agreement that would include “naming and shaming” countries that fail to meet greenhouse gas reduction targets.

Northern California earthquake wipes out power to tens of thousands
Toronto Star
A 6.0 earthquake struck the heart of California wine country early Sunday morning.


Ontario studies noise impacts
Ontario is commissioning an offshore wind study despite a continuing … Energy’s 300MW Wolfe Island Shoals project in Lake Ontario.

Ontario seeks more studies on offshore wind turbines
Toronto Star
The Ontario government wants even more studies of the impact of off-shore wind turbines, three and a half years after imposing a moratorium.

Florida energy firm eyes setting up more wind farms in Ontario
Sun News Network
Ben Greenhouse of NextEra said the company is closely watching Ontario’s new procurement process for green energy projects and would consider …

NextEra Canada Completes Two Ontario Wind Farms
North American Windpower
The 60 MW Adelaide Wind Energy Center and 73 MW Bornish Wind Energy Center, both located in Middlesex County, Ontario, have been …

Grid Watch – June 2014

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Featured Video

Featured Trends

After their majority win in Ontario’s election June 18th, the Liberal’s Budget is headed back to Queens Park which includes plans to kill the debt retirement charge as of Jan. 1, 2016, which would offset in part plans to scrap the Ontario Clean Energy Benefit.

According the Globe, Ontario’s renewable energy sector is breathing a sigh of relief with the Liberal majority government elected.  It reports, the positive outlook is less a reflection of enthusiasm for Liberal policies, than satisfaction that the Progressive Conservatives did not win. The Tories had promised to dismantle many of the green energy policies that had supported the renewable industry.  During the election, a similar viewpoint was reported in the Star about CANSIA (Canadian Solar Industry Association), who maintained that a Conservative win would be a devastating set-back for renewables. The Canadian Wind Energy Association issued similar warnings.

From a global energy policy perspective, increased targets for cutting greenhouse gas has led the headlines and debate. The US announced plans to cut greenhouse gases by 30 per cent by 2030, targeting the country’s coal-reliant energy industry. 

Green House Gas Reductions

U.S. carbon-cutting plan puts heat on Canada – News – CBC …
Clean Energy Canada’s Clare Demerse calls Obama administration’s plan to cut greenhouse gases 30 percent a political game changer.

Will Canada follow the US lead on cutting carbon emissions?
The U.S. administration is taking on its massive power industry … But the cost of cutting carbon, especially for Canada’s oil and gas …

EPA Proposes First Guidelines to Cut Carbon
Cut carbon
emission from the power sector by 30 percent nationwide … Today’s announcement marks the beginning of the second phase of the …

Obama to Take Action to Slash Coal Pollution – NYTimes.com

Monday to cut carbon pollution from the nation’s power plants 30 … on Monday will announce one of the strongest actions ever taken by …

EPA to Seek 30% Cut in Emissions at Power Plants – WSJ

Propose mandating power plants cut U.S. carbon-dioxide emissions 30% … proposal’s details quiet in the run-up to Monday’s announcement

U.S. emissions pledge puts Alberta on the spot
The Globe and Mail
Even without the pressure being put on oil sands, province’s reliance on coal for more than half its power needs will come under spotlight.

GSC Partners

Cambridge Hydro buys Brant Power for $40.2M
Cambridge Times
Cambridge and North Dumfries Hydro, also known as Energy+, has purchased Brant County Power Inc. for $40.2 million.

Eaton’s New Web Tool Helps Its Distributors
Industrial Distribution
Pittsburgh, PA – Power management company Eaton launched the MyEaton website for U.S. and Canadian distributors, providing personalized …

Halton Hills Hydro Retrofit
Independent Free Press
A Georgetown company that struck up a partnership with Halton Hills Hydro to retrofit its interior lighting systems was rewarded for the conservation efforts with an incentive cheque for more than $42,000 this week.

Milton Hydro proposes changes to tree trimming in light of storm damage
Inside Halton
Milton Hydro plans to bring an amendment to its tree trimming standards before council in the future as a result of heavy damage sustained by rural Milton during the ice storm.

OPG appeals court decision on new reactors
Ontario Power Generation and Canada’s nuclear regulator have appealed a federal court decision that blocks construction of new reactors at …

Electrical Safety Authority Reminds Ontarians to Be Aware of Electrical Hazards during Stormy Weather
Summer storm brought down powerlines on 25 cars and a bus in Markham, Ontario, trapping people inside.

TD Bank Named Among 50 socially responsible corporations: 2014
First of its kind among Canadian banks, TD’s new “sustainable energy-efficient design” concept branch is expected to be 45 per cent more …

Union Gas, City of Hamilton partner to grow natural gas transit fleet
Canada NewsWire
HAMILTON, ON – Union Gas is partnering with the City of Hamilton to build and maintain a compressed natural gas …

Waterloo Region installing three electric vehicle charging stations – one in
Cambridge Times
WATERLOO REGION – In an effort to promote the use of electric … from one in 2010 to 82 as of this past May, according to Plugn Drive, …

Wind generation is an ‘effective tool’
Hamilton Spectator
Wind energy is being referred to by Ontario’s Independent System Operator (IESO) as an effective tool in managing the province’s electricity …

Waterloo puts in $286,000 claim for winter storm damage
Waterloo chronicle
The city has submitted an expression of interest in applying for nearly $300,000 in provincial funding to help cover some of the costs associated with the December ice storm that downed trees and cut power throughout Waterloo.

WESCO International, Inc. Announces the Acquisition of Hazmasters, Inc.
WESCO Distribution, Inc., through its wholly owned Canadian subsidiary, has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Hazmasters, Inc. Closing is expected to occur in March 2014


Liberal budget headed back to Queen’s Park
Toronto Star
The Liberals have promised to kill a hydro surcharge for residential users, known as the debt retirement charge, beginning on Jan. 1, 2016, bringing an estimated annual…

Wynne’s Liberals to form majority government; Tim Hudak resigns
Toronto Star
Premier Kathleen Wynne made history Thursday, outrunning her opponents and leaving predecessor Dalton McGuinty’s controversial legacy in the dust with a stunning majority victory.

PCs hard turn to right fails to gain traction with voters
The Globe and Mail
Tim Hudak will step down as Leader of the Progressive Conservatives, after a night of deep disappointment that left the Liberals in power…

Horwath gamble doesn’t pay off as NDP gains don’t materialize
The Globe and Mail
Results raise questions about her leadership, which some say has led party astray from its founding values.

PC Victory in Ontario Election would be ‘devastating setback’ for…
Toronto Star
John Gorman of the Canadian Solar Industry Association, or CanSIA, in an interview….

Environmental Legislation Killed By Ontario Election
Alternative Journal
Hopes for sweeping new green legislation on everything from protecting the Great Lakes to improving recycling rates have been dashed.

Andrea Horwath says she doesn’t regret sparking election
Toronto Star
If Andrea Horwath has any regrets about triggering the election they are too few to mention.

Ontario Tory leader Hudak insists job numbers are sound
The Globe and Mail
Economists say Progressive Conservative Leader counted some jobs as many as eight times…

Hudak wants to turn off the lights at Ontario Power Authority
Bullet News Niagara
It would be ‘lights out’ for the Ontario Power Authority if Tim Hudak is elected premier in the June 12 provincial election.

Horwath makes pitch for hydro savings
Kenora News
Ontario NDP leader Andrea Horwath says it’s time to get hydro working for ratepayers again. She’d like to see some relief for home owners.

Business worries about politics and energy in election
Toronto Star
Ontario companies watching for signs of how vote could affect energy prices.

Hydro firms scrap over Ontario import market
Toronto Star
It sounds like a simple idea: why not import electricity to Ontario from hydro-rich provinces such as Quebec, Manitoba, or Newfoundland?  but it’s drawing vigorous debate from companies who have a financial stake in the outcome.


Top VC firms, auto manufacturers and energy companies are betting big on Proterra’s American-made EV transit buses
Digital Journal
Battery-electric bus manufacturer Proterra Inc. has raised more than $30 million in additional funding to accelerate further deployment of its industry-leading zero-emission EV transit technology. Participation in this round of funding was bolstered by rapidly growing demand for electric vehicles in transit, as well as additional deployments by existing customers. Kleiner Perkins and GM Ventures led the financing, with significant growth funding from other existing investors.

Alcoa, Phinergy developing aluminum-air EV battery
Alcoa and the electric vehicle battery maker, they are collaborating on new … According to Phinergy, the aluminum-air battery technology can …

EV Battery Maker Claims 1000 Miles per Charge
EE Times
Clean technology company Phinergy, teaming with Alcoa, demonstrated the new electric car battery on a racetrack in Montreal this week in …

Why An Electric Car Saves Fleet Operators $16000 In Lifetime Cost
Green Car Reports
The findings of the Plug-in BC study are consistent with a one-year pilot study in the province of Ontario, where three electric cars were …

New Software Management Systems Are Helping to Transform the
Greentech Media
Loads, electric and thermal storage, and electric vehicles to meet system … Smaller vendors such as Colorado-based Spirae and Ontario’s …

Investors push up Stria’s shares by 26% as new lithium process
Proactive Investors USA & Canada
Lithium is used, in greater quantities, in batteries for electric vehicles, with an … process development, which is taking place at a lab in Kingston, Ontario.

2014 Toyota Prius Plug-in: the $10000 question
A cross between a hybrid and an electric vehicle, a PHEV benefits … For the time being, the Ontario government offers a $5,000 incentive on …

International News

The Volvo Group studies potential to test electric roads in a city
Fort Mills Times
In collaboration with the Swedish Transport Administration, the Volvo Group will study the potential for building electric roads, where city buses can be…

Northland Power closes financing for big Europe wind project
The Globe and Mail
Northland Power Inc. has closed a $4.2-billion financing for a 600-megawatt wind farm in the North Sea off Netherlands, one of Europe’s largest renewable energy projects.


Report out Wednesday on Toronto Hydro’s response to ice storm
A report on Toronto Hydro’s response to the ice storm in December 2013 will be released on Wednesday. In January, the utility commissioned the…

Haldimand County Utilities Inc. sold to Hydro One
The Sachem and Glanbrook Gazette
Haldimand County has entered into an agreement to sell the shares of Haldimand County Utilities Inc. to Hydro One for $75 million.

OK for utilities to tip police on grow-ops, judge says
Hamilton Spectator
An Ontario court has ruled that a pair of Hamilton drug traffickers do not have a Charter-enshrined right to privacy when it comes to their hydro usage.

Electricity grid to be more distributed: panel
Daily Commercial News
Ontario’s electricity grid will continue towards a more distributed, decentralized system driven through smart grid technologies and that should be embraced, say sector leaders.

Inflation jumps to 2 per cent on surge in energy prices, StatsCan says
Toronto Star
Natural gas costs jumped 26 per cent, gasoline prices 6.6 per cent and electricity rates 4.6 per cent in April, Statistics Canada reports.

Woodstock Hydro Sold to Hydro One, 12 p.m. News Conference Scheduled
AM980 News
Woodstock Hydro has been sold to Hydro One, sources told AM980 on Wednesday. A news conference has been called for 12 p.m. at Woodstock City Hall to confirm the sale, although so far, city officials have only said publicly it’s to “discuss the future of Woodstock Hydro.”

Ontario Liberals offer hydro perks to business
Toronto Star
Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli makes more businesses eligible for reduced hydro rates.

Ontario to trim residential hydro bills
The Globe and Mail
Sources say government to eliminate debt retirement charge and offer discounted power to factories and other businesses

Nat Gas

Enbridge customers catch a break from OEB
Toronto Star
The OEB will phase in a sudden a jump in natural gas rates, triggered by the cold winter, over a 27-month period instead of 12 months

Hudak promised inquiry on gas plants
Inside Halton News
Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak is promising a judicial inquiry into the contentious cancellation of two Toronto-area gas plants, going after the Liberals on a scandal that dominated the last provincial election three years ago.


Pickering nuclear reactors can exceed design operating limit
Toronto Star
Canada’s nuclear regulator says reactors at the Pickering power station will be allowed to operate beyond their stated design limit.

More hearings on nuclear waste burial coming this fall
CTV News
Ontario Power Generation plans to bury 200,000 cubic metres of nuclear waste in underground caverns.

Darlington overhaul risks understated, analyst argues
Toronto Star
U.S. analyst Gordon Thompson argues that the financial risks of overhauling the Darlington nuclear station have been severely understated.

OPG dealt setback on plan for new reactors
The Globe and Mail
Judge orders federal regulator to re-establish review panel and address risk of accident at nuclear sites.

What Forces Are Disrupting Today’s Electricity Market?
What Forces Are Disrupting Today’s Electricity Market? -  Grid Edge Executive Council to analyze disruptors this  week in San Diego.  Greentech Media will bring together a unique group of industry leaders and market experts to discuss how customer behaviors are disrupting the current electric utility business model and how these disruptors are going to play out in the market over time.


U.S. coal curbs would boost B.C.’s Westshore Terminals traffic
The Globe and Mail
Proposed regulations could result in older coal-fired electricity plants being closed and leave…

‘Golden opportunity’ for Hydro
Winnipeg Free Press
A U.S. plan to cut carbon dioxide emissions at power plants by as much as 30 per cent could be a boon to Manitoba Hydro, the province says.

Hydro still seeking best fuel fit for Holyrood
CBC News
Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro acknowledges that major breakdowns at its Holyrood generating station last year were caused by the poor grade…

Utilities face growing risk of cyberattack
The Globe and Mail
Technological modernization of North America’s electricity grid creates new opportunities…

Upgrades may not hit pocket book: Newfoundland Power
CBC News
Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro said it has a proposal to purchase a $119-million gas turbine so it can increase generation, which would allow an…


Energy board proposal for fixed hydro rates called “Robin Hood in reverse”
Toronto Star
The energy board proposal would abolish the kilowatt hour charge paid to the local utility — in Toronto Hydro’s case, 1.538 cents — in favour of a…

Smart Meters, TOU, Hydro Costs

Energy board proposal for fixed hydro rates called “Robin Hood in
Toronto Star
Householders should pay their local hydro utility a fixed monthly amount for electricity delivery, no matter how much power they use, a draft …

Reevely: Province wants to lock in charges to guarantee hydro’s …
Ottawa Citizen
Prepare to pay more for your hydro connection, as the provincial government tries to tidy up a perverse electricity-billing system that costs …

Magna says no new plants for Canada, cites Ontario energy costs
Toronto Star
Ontario energy, pension costs a concern, the company says.

Liberals cut hydro price for low-income families
Toronto Star
Ontario’s Liberals have announced new measures to help low-income families with hydro bills, and will end the hydro debt-retirement charge.

Ontario hydro bills to rise despite end of Debt Retirement Charge
Toronto Sun
The typical Ontario residential hydro consumer can expect to see their bills leap by roughly $120 a year in 2016.


River Run Centre outfitted with a solar panel roof
Guelph Mercury
The roof of the River Run Centre is the latest building in Guelph to be outfitted with solar panels.

Meet the Solar-Powered Plane That Will Fly Around The World
Solar Impulse 2, the second solar powered aircraft created by Swiss pioneers Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg, will make the first round-the-world solar flight in 2015….

Summer Forecast

El Niño Predicted to Begin This Summer
Epoch Times
According to news reports, several countries in Asia are preparing to draw on … The extreme weather caused flooding, typhoons, droughts, and related side-effects such as … starts to winter on record, while Quebec and Ontario endured severe ice storms.

Toronto summer 2014 forecast: Cooler but pleasant temperatures
Toronto Star
12 cool films for a (hopefully) hot summer of 2014: Peter Howell column. The Weather Network is forecasting temperatures in Toronto and … southern Ontario over the next few months, accounting for the cooler temperatures.


Sustainable Electricity Awards honour companies
Daily Commercial News
The Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) recently named BC Hydro and Power Authority, Hydro Ottawa, and Ontario Power Generation Inc. as winners of the fifth annual Sustainable Electricity Awards, which recognizes companies with sustainable approaches toward challenges in the electricity sector.

Power plants fuelled by sawmill, logging waste to produce electricity this year
Vancouver Sun
In addition to its biomass energy calls, BC Hydro also inked individual energy purchase agreements with Tolko in 2009 for an eight megawatt…

Can little steps have a big enough impact on energy conservation?
The Globe and Mail
Despite initial progress via Power Smart program, demand growth continues at rates that will likely put politicians in a bind.

US News

From Smart to Resilient: How Utilities Are Using New Technology to Protect the Grid
When the government started putting money behind smart grid technologies, “resilience” was an afterthought. Today, utilities are building upon IT deployment from the stimulus to deal with increasing extreme weather.

A sampling of states’ reaction to carbon cuts plan
Washington Post
But it helps that in this hydro-rich state, just 3 percent of electricity is coal-generated. Gov. Jay Inslee praises Obama for his leadership on carbon…

Obama to announce plan to slash greenhouse gas emissions from power plants
Toronto Star
The Obama administration is rolling out a plan Monday to cut earth-warming pollution from power plants by 30 per cent by 2030, setting in motion one of the most significant actions to address global

Governing Liberal Party Prevails In Ontario Election
North American Wind Power
The ruling Liberal Party prevailed in Ontario following an election Thursday – a victory that could keep wind energy well positioned for further …

PCs threaten future of Ontario’s wind industry, association warns
As Ontario gears up for a summer election, the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) is calling for Tim Hudak and his Progressive …

McGuinty government changed green energy rules to benefit Liberal-linked firms, court filing charges
National Post
A U.S. wind power developer that is seeking $653-million in damages under a NAFTA challenge accuses the government of Ontario of manipulating…

Ontario election: Vote Compass users reveal split on wind power
CBC News
Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak has said he would also cut “bloated” bureaucracy at Hydro One and Ontario Power Generation.

PC Leader Promises Wind Moratorium
Blackburn News
Provincial PC Leader Tim Hudak says it would be very difficult to reverse wind energy projects in rural Ontario that have already been approved.

Grit MPP rips PC plan for solar, wind power contracts
Toronto Sun
Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak has learned nothing from Liberal government mistakes made in the billion-dollar gas plants controversy.

Siemens Receives Turbine and Service Order for Largest Wind Farm in Ontario, Canada
Wall Street Journal
Siemens Energy announced a major wind turbine and service order in Canada at the AWEA WINDPOWER tradeshow in Las Vegas.

Wind turbines don’t hurt property values, MPAC says
Toronto Star
Municipal Property Assessment Corp. concludes properties near industrial turbines are “equitably assessed” — but group opposing wind farms says the research is flawed.

Grid Watch – March 2014

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Featured Items

IESO Issuses RFP for 50 MW of Energy Storage

The IESO has issued an RFP in its first phase to deliver 50 MW’s of Energy Storage due by the end of this year as part of Ontario’s Long-term Energy Plan.

The IESO’s RFP seeks to procure up to 35 megawatts of grid energy storage from a number of different technologies that can provide ancillary services, and possibly provide other grid services, such as transmission congestion relief or energy time – shifting. .

Ontario’s Long-Term Energy Plan provided for 50 MW of energy storage to be procured by the end of 2014.  As part of that commitment, an energy storage procurement framework, jointly submitted by the IESO and Ontario Power Authority (OPA), was supported by the Minister of Energy. The procurement framework is designed to allow a diverse portfolio of storage technologies in order to learn about the various services that storage solutions can provide, the value of these investments in operations and how storage can best be integrated into Ontario’s electricity markets.

The IESO is seeking responses from a broad range of grid energy storage technologies so that it can determine how best to integrate different grid energy storage facilities into the operation of the IESO – controlled grid and to assess their capabilities at both the bulk transmission and distribution levels.

The technologies must be capable of absorbing grid energy, storing it and then injecting the energy back into the electrical grid.   A diversified portfolio of technologies will also allow the IESO to gain insights into the evolution and future integration of these technologies in Ontario’s electricity markets. The IESO will be hosting a Briefing Session to answer stakeholder questions about this RFP on March 24, 2014.


$6.5 Million Clean Energy Fund Grant supported S&C storage technology installed in Field, BC

S&C Related Story – PR Newswire

MaRs Fure of Energy Summit

Premier Kathleen Wynne hosted energy leaders from across Canada at the Canadian Energy Innovation Summit.
The Summit brought together national, provincial, business and policy leaders from the energy and innovation sectors to collaborate and build economic development strategies for Canada’s clean energy technologies.  At the show Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has announced a new energy innovation centre that will put the public and private sectors around the same table to develop next-generation technologies.

Provincial Media Release on Summit

Future360 Report
maRs Release

GSC Partner Round-up

OPG’s Mock-up Reactor featured in its training facility

Read more about Darlington’s multimillion-dollar mock-up

Eaton LED Products Honored in Next Generation Luminaires(TM
ThomasNet News
PEACHTREE CITY, Ga. – Power management company Eaton today announced that the McGraw-Edison TopTier™ light-emitting diode (LED) 

New Eaton Energy Storage Technology Advances Resiliency of
is leveraging more than 100 years of experience and expertise in utility and industrial environments to bring to market the new Power 

Getting Ready to Start Spring Renovations? ESA says Make Sure Electrical
Canada NewsWire
Make Sure Electrical Work is Legal and Done Right! The Electrical The Electrical Safety Authority encourages all Ontario residents to visit 

Elster Releases Guide to Unlocking the Value of Meter Data
PR Newswire
RALEIGH, N.C.,  – Elster Solutions today announced the availability of a new compendium focused on helping 

S&C Energy Storage System Minimizes Power Outages at BC Hydro
PR Newswire
CHICAGO — S&C Electric Company, a smart grid leader and energy storage integration expert shaping the future 

Ice storm thank you event in north Burlington draws large crowd
Burlington Post
It was standing room only last night in north Burlington at an event celebrating the hydro workers, city staff and firefighters who dedicated their time…

Guelph turns up the heat via thermal strategy
Daily Commercial News
When it comes to finding new ways to share energy, Guelph is turning up the heat — literally. The city, its hydro utility and the utility’s alternative energy …

Region commits to utility cost-sharing
Kitchener Post
The region will pay more than $12.8 million for the relocation of hydro infrastructure to accommodate light rail transit.

Halton throws weight behind municipalities on storm costs
Inside Halton
Halton may not qualify for disaster relief assistance, but it will seek to recover what it can of the estimated $3.5-million price tag of December’s ice storm.

Will the next big thing for EV happen in 2014?
Breakout year for infrastructure

Ice Storm Thank You Event

It was standing room only in north Burlington at an event celebrating the hydro workers, city staff and firefighters who dedicated their time in the aftermath of the ice storm that hit the city over the Christmas holidays.

Burlington Post Article


OPA signs 20 year power generation deal with TransAlta
580 CFRA Radio
Ontario Power Generation has signed a 20-year deal with an independent power plant that provides electricity to the provincial grid. The TransAlta…

Electric Vehicles

Building Out The Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure: Greenlots Advocates For Open Standards
North America is at a critical point in making some decisions about its electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, and how proprietary its charging networks will ultimately be. The choices made could affect drivers for years to come. These decisions need to be made soon because of the unexpectedly rapid rate of EV adoption.

In 2025, 1 in 4 New Cars Sold in Germany Will Be an Electric One
Chancellor Angela Merkel has a dream, and this dream is that, by the year 2020, Germany will be home to 1 million electric cars. According to a recent report pieced together by specialists working with German

Plug-in Electric Car Sales In Canada, Feb 2014: Milestones, Millstones
Green Car Reports
While February’s electric vehicle sales in Canada will have easily topped year-ago numbers, the plug-in market still faces headwinds in 

Hudak’s refusal to invest in auto manufacturing makes no sense
The Harper government, in its 2014 budget handed down just weeks ago, doubled the size of its Automotive Innovation Fund to $1 billion.

Dealers still against electric cars
Top News
Experts have said that car dealers in the country are still against selling electric cars in the country mainly due to their ideological background. They said that dealers are often ideologically opposed to electric cars.

The Many Benefits of Owning An Electric Car
EV WorldBut according to a study performed by the Electric Vehicle Association of Canada, the carbon emission amount of an electric car is 

TripAdvisor Green Certification Expands to Europe, Canada
Environmental Leader
TripAdvisor Green Certification Expands to Europe, Canada and composting, renewable energy use, electric car charging and green roofing.

Electric Vehicle Festival Planned For Windsor
Car Pro Industries Windsor Limited is looking to host EV Fest 2014 over the weekend of September 27th and 28th. The festival is billed as the

Standardized Electric-Car Battery Swapping Won’t Happen: Here’s Why
Standardized batteries are one of the great consumer goods: Who hasn’t bought a pack of AA or AAA cells for some consumer-electronics device by now? The idea that standardized high-capacity lithium-ion battery …

Making people GREEN with envy! Katy Perry ‘spends £300,000 on buying electric cars for each of her five assistants’
Daily Mail
Pop star Katy Perry may have a schedule which sees her travel the world with a team of staff. But the 29 year-old star is increasingly conscious of her carbon footprint and – to combat this – has splashed out on a batch of …Daily Mail ·

Katy Perry Buys Electric Cars for Her Five Assistants
Softpedia News
Media reports say that, all in all, Katy Perry had to part with some £300,000 (€358,757 / $499,050) to secure environmentally friendly vehicles for a select few of her staff.

Why My Next Car Will Be Electric and Yours Should Too

Huffington Post
I’ve always been passionate about the environment. In Grade 6, I started an anti-litter campaign in my elementary school called “Clean Up Your Act” — I was that kid. When I worked at Canada’s Wonderland as a “Pirate …

Why arguments against electric vehicles fail
Soo Today
The same technology that powers my laptop for a couple of years is just as reliable in an electric vehicle. Lithium-ion ion batteries … The Nissan Leaf, for example, is equipped for about 75-miles/charge, is guaranteed for …

Will National Parks Become A Black Hole For Electric-Car Visitors?
Yahoo Autos
Thousands of Tesla Model S electric-car owners are now likely planning their summer road trips, enabled by a fast-growing network of Supercharger DC fast-charging stations. But it turns out that at least one popular …
How Tesla Motors Inc’s electric car batteries are adding to China’s pollution woes
Financial Post
As more environmentally conscious Americans do their bit to help clear the air by paying up for an eco-friendly Prius or a sporty Tesla, a damaging form of polluted rain is falling in China. The link is graphite, a vital …

Electric vehicle chargers trial London smart grid hook up
Business Green
The marriage of electric car and smart grid technologies is being trialed in London as developers look to reduce the impact of electric vehicles on…

Natural Gas

Natural gas price hike will also hit hydro bills: Chiarelli
Toronto Sun
A spike in the price of natural gas this winter could drive up more than just your Enbridge Gas bill.

Enbridge seeks 40% natural gas price increase
CBC News
This extremely cold winter may soon start affecting wallets in Ontario, as Enbridge Gas Distribution plans to increase the price of natural gas by 40 per cent.


Nuclear loss drags down OPG profit
Toronto Star
Loss by nuclear generating sector hurts earnings.

Gowlings seeks a nuclear future
The Globe and Mail
Firm pursues a growing global industry, adding to its bench strength from the Heenan meltdown


PC …

Hudak energy policy would block renewable projects, Liberals say
Toronto Star
Ontario’s Conservatives are putting hundreds of renewable energy contracts at risk, along with the province’s reputation say Liberals and NDP

High electricity costs killing jobs: Tim Hudak
Toronto Star
Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak says companies and jobs are fleeing Ontario’s because it has the highs electricity rates around.

Hudak addresses hydro hikes, outlines PC jobs plan
Ottawa Community News
The rising hydro rate is just another jobs killer, says PC party leader Tim Hudak, and it’s already affecting small businesses, like the Electric and …

Liberal …

Sandra Pupatello to chair Hydro One amid billing fiasco
Toronto Star
The minority Liberal government is replacing the chairs of troubled Hydro One and Ontario Power Generation in a “shake-up” following an overbilling fiasco and a scathing auditor general’s report.

Wynne rejects NDP’s $100 rebate scheme
Toronto Star
Premier Kathleen Wynne says NDP $100 hydro rebate handout does nothing to bring down costs or improve the system.


Power exports lighten Ontario’s woes
National Post
The Ontario NDP recently claimed that Ontario subsidizes exports of electricity to New York and Michigan. The NDP even claims that the subsidization of electricity exports costs Ontario $1-billion a year.

NDP proposal to fix Ontario’s energy woes veers into crazy talk
National Post
The problem with trying to fix the ballooning energy rates in the province of Ontario is that there isn’t an easy, sensible solution.

Horwath wants $100 hydro rebates for 4.4M customers
Toronto Star
NDP Leader Andrea Horwath wants Premier Kathleen Wynne to give electricity ratepayers a $100 rebate to help ease the pain of skyrocketing hydro bills.

Smart Meters , TOU, Hydro Costs

Ombudsman to probe Hydro One billing practices
Ontario’s crusading ombudsman will investigate Hydro One’s billing and customer service practices after receiving hundreds of complaints from customers.

Two Hydro One executives depart in wake of overbilling probe
Toronto Star
Two of Hydro One’s top customer service executives have parted ways with the utility in the wake of ombudsman André Marin’s probe of billing practices.

The Progressive Conservatives are calling for Hydro One president and CEO Carmine Marcello to resign immediately over the billing fiasco that has gripped the Crown corporation. Waving a bill a constituent received for …

Ontario’s big industries plead for lower hydro rates
Toronto Star
Province’s industries pay highest electricity rates in North America, says survey by big power consumers.

Hydro, gas use up this winter
The North Bay Nugget
A “pretty average February” has been the only real bright spot for residential electricity consumers served by North Bay Hydro, according to general manager Todd Wilcox.

Hydro prices soar in cold weather
Toronto Star
The current cold snap is pushing Ontario electricity prices into record territory.

Power price pressure will ease, says Chiarelli
Toronto Star
Investments in the system will pay off, says energy minister.

Protestors take to social media to fight hydro rates
Toronto Star
A social media campaign is under way to organize protests against hydro rates across Ontario on April 4.


Solar Power Drops in Canada: Federal Statistics
Statistics show that total output of electricity from solar panels in Canada Ontario was the only province that reported solar power (240 GWh).

rio regulator sets out plans for large solar procurement
Energy minister, Bob Chiarelli is currently reviewing the large renewables procurement report submitted by Ontario Power Authority

Canadian Solar opens Ontario micro-grid test centre
Canadian Solar hopes to work alongside communities, universities and businesses to further develop micro-grid solutions in Ontario

Electrovaya (T.EFL) teams with Canadian Solar on energy project
Electrovaya (TSX-EFL, StockForum), a Mississauga Ontario-based designer, developer and manufacturer of proprietary lithium ion ..

Tories’ election talk clouds horizon for solar firms
Ottawa Business Journal
The prospect of the Progressive Conservatives toppling Ontario’s minority Liberal government has several Ottawa solar firms looking at 

GDF SUEZ Canada Announces Start of Commercial Operation
Canada NewsWire
GDF SUEZ Canada, Inc. today announced that the 10MW Beckwith Solar Project in Ontario has enterer …

Tim Hudak’s jobs plan would kill green jobs
Toronto Star
And yet, that is exactly what Ontario PC leader Tim Hudak proposed in Ontario Solar Manufacturing employs about 50 people at its plant in 

Canadian Solar Gets $47 Million Loan for Ontario Plant
Bloomberg Canadian Solar Inc. (CSIQ), the best-performing solar maker last year, received a C$52 million ($47 million) loan from Natixis SA (KN) for a 

Transatlantic dialogue putting Guelph, Canada, on the solar map
pv magazine
Representatives from the Ontario city were in Berlin this week to garner in all sectors of renewable energy, particularly solar PV installations.

Sustainability / Misc

Green energy costs ‘minimal’ for consumers, study shows
The Globe and Mail
The cost of green energy has a relatively small impact on residential electricity bills in Ontario, a new study to be released Friday suggests…Canada, U.S., Mexico are now fierce energy rivals
The Globe and Mail
With the growing shale boom, the reshaped energy landscape is not good for a NAFTA-style partnership

Turn out the lights March 29
Brampton Guardian
An hour of darkness can help shine a light on climate change and energy conservation as Brampton gears up for Earth Hour.

With incandescent light bulbs disappearing, here’s what you could use next
Toronto Star
As energy inefficient incandescent bulbs are phased out, we look at the pros and cons of the other options.

* * *


U.K. deal will help Nova Scotia harness Bay of Fundy power, minister says
The Globe and Mail
Andrew Younger said Tuesday the transmission infrastructure needed to handle up to 64 megawatts of energy could be in place within the next five years.

Newfoundland again asked to cut back power use
The Telegram
Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro is asking individuals and businesses on the island of Newfoundland, connected to the island’s main grid, to cut …

Newfoundland utilities clash over inquiry into power outages
The Globe and Mail
Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro generates power and wants a short-term focus on system reliability…

Manitoba Hydro defends $34B expansion plan amid criticism
CBC News
Manitoba Hydro is defending it $34-billion expansion plan as critics of the Bipole III transmission project call on regulators to slow it down. The Bipole…

International News

China falling behind on 2020 hydro goals as premier urges new dam building
Reuters UK
China, already the biggest hydropower producer, is on course to exceed a target to raise its hydro capacity by 70 gigawatts (GW) over 2011-2015, but …

US News

Hackers seek to disrupt electric grid through ‘smart’ devices
San Francisco Chronicle
Specifically, the 476,000 miles of high-voltage transmission lines spanning the country to the millions of digital smart meters now installed in American …

California green energy fails to fill void left by closed nuclear plant; regulators seek new options
Washington Times
California has been at the forefront among states in moving away from fossil-fuel generation, but solar, wind and other green energy make up only a…

Small-scale power grid attack could cause nationwide blackout, study says
Fox News
The study concluded that coordinated attacks in each of the nation’s three separate electric systems could cause the entire power network to collapse,…

As smart-grid funding winds down, energy leaders assess progress
Washington Post
As the Energy Department winds down its smart-grid investment program — supported mainly by a $3.4 billion award from the American Recovery…

Drought Could Drain California’s Hydro Power Supplies
CBS Local
The O’Shaughnessy Dam at Hetch Hetchy Reservoir in Yosemite National Park.

GridWatch – January 28, 2014

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 Round-up of Fourth Annual GridSmartCity Round Table

The 4th Annual GridSmartCity® Round Table assembled on Thursday, November 28th at the Rattlesnake Point Golf and Country Club to examine Horizontal and Vertical Integration … Strategic Partnerships – LDCs and the Municipalities they Serve.  The event continued its tradition of tackling the hard issues. More than 200 industry stakeholders attended representing a broad cross-section of the electricity sector. Read more.

Ice Storm Round Up

Was December’s ice storm an anomaly or a sign of things to come? Predictions aside, the damages, duration of power outages, impact on Ontarians and the clean-up and restoration work by utilities and partners, was of a size and scale not seen for decades.

Featured Video

Burlington Hydro has launched its YouTube Channel, beginning with this series of videos taken by operations staff during the December 2013 ice storm.  The videos capture the magnitude of damage in north Burlington.  For Burlington, and many parts of the province, it was the most intensive storm-related power restoration work in recent history.  The restoration effort in Burlington ran 24/7 engaging every member of the operations team, as well as the support of City of Burlington staff, neighbouring utilities and contractors.

Big storms crushed repair budgets of region’s power companies
The Record
Three big storms in 2013 crushed the repair budgets of local hydro companies, but there’s no talk yet about raising power rates to make up losses.

Ice storm pushed weather losses to record $3.2 billion: Insurance Bureau
Toronto Star
Severe weather losses across the country reached a record $3.2 billion in 2013, according to figures released Monday by the Insurance Bureau of Canada.

How $106m ice storm crisis unfolded day-by-day: Toronto Hydro
Toronto Star
Join us for live updates as Toronto Hydro CEO Anthony Haines provides a day-by-day breakdown of how Toronto Hydro went about trying to restore …

Utilities Must Make Every effort to be prepared but what’s a reasonable effort
Globe and Mail

Extreme weather events like the 2013 ice storm or Alberta’s summer flood are enormously costly. Insured losses in southern Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick are likely to top $1-billion, while severe flooding in Calgary and surrounding towns cost an estimated $1.7-billion in insured losses. And those figures don’t include the myriad costs borne by homeowners and businesses – financial, emotional and physical.  That’s why utilities like Toronto Hydro must make every reasonable effort to ensure they are prepared. But what is a “reasonable effort”? How much does it cost? And is it ever more costly than a large but rare accident?

Ice storm could force temporary increase in hydro rates
Global News
TORONTO – Hydro bills in Toronto could increase temporarily if Toronto Hydro can’t find the savings needed to offset the cost of cleaning up after the …

Ice storm cleanup could take 2 months, cost $75M
Global News
Last week’s ice storm blanketed the city with ice which broke trees and knocked out power to upwards of 300,000 Toronto Hydro customers at the peak …

Ice storm cleanup will take weeks, officials say – The Record
KW Record
An ice storm last April was followed by a windstorm in July. … It cost the City of Kitchener $310,000 to clean up from the summer windstorm.

Burlington Hydro estimates storm outages cost $1 million
Inside Halton
The ice storm that took out power for thousands of Burlington … The City of Burlington says it is too early to estimate the cost of cleaning up the …

Ice storm cleanup could take 2 months, cost $75M – Toronto …
Global News
Cleaning up fallen branches from last week’s ice storm could take city staff up … The city is estimating the cleanup effort will cost close to $75 million but the …. Food donations offered to Ontario residents affected by ice storm ..

Toronto ‘exploring’ call to army for ice storm help, deputy mayor says …
Globe and Mail
Workers repair power lines on Bayview Ave. in Toronto, Ontario, Monday … But as cleanup cost figures were made public Thursday, Mr. Kelly …

Food donations offered to Ontario residents affected by ice storm
Global News
WATCH: The clean-up from the Ontario ice storm is costing about one … Haines said the cost of cleaning up after storms is usually divided …

Hundreds wait in vain as ice storm vouchers gone
Toronto Star
Premier Kathleen Wynne had announced on Monday that more than $200,000 for grocery store vouchers would be available from Tuesday through

Toronto’s push for ice-storm cleanup cash may reach to Ottawa
The Globe and Mail
Mayor requests council meeting to request money from Ontario’s Disaster Relief Assistance Program to cover cleanup costs.

Ice storm most ‘devastating’ event to hit Toronto’s trees, climatologist …
Toronto Star
Toronto faces a $75-million cleanup and repair bill for its urban forest in the … The costs are on top of the estimated $1 million per day spent by …

Toronto Hydro workers must wait for ice storm overtime
Toronto Sun
Hydro crew Toronto Hydro’s emergency repair crew known as “Troublemen” — Steve Handley (in the bucket) and Paul Foran — work to restore power …

Toronto ice storm sparks generator purchases
MetroNews Canada
Toronto Hydro saw the problems coming years ago and warned of more frequent blackouts. In 2012, the utility said it needed to invest more than $1.8 …

Hydro Quebec urges public to reduce power during deep freeze
CTV News
Hydro Quebec is asking the public to reduce power during peak hours because frigid temperatures is putting a strain on the entire system. The deep …

2014 Trend Predictions

Market research roundup: forecasting the smart grid future
Smart Grid News market research report roundup articles are intended to give readers a quick update on what the analysts are forecasting for the varied segments of the smart grid sector…

Now we have proof. Utility transformation is at the tipping point
A thorough and revealing survey sponsored by Itron suggests that the long-anticipated transformation of the utility business model is finally near the tipping point. The study surveyed 600 utility executives and 800 consumers from around the world. It included electricity, water and gas utilities…

VERGE winners define the trends to watch in 2014 | GreenBiz.com
“There will be two key trends, both revolving around energy, in 2014. … The second trend is more widespread alternative energy applications…

Opinion: Sustainable Energy and Cleantech Trends for 2014
Dec 18, 2013 – The year 2013 marked a new era for sustainable energy and cleantech. Innovative sustainable technologies have started to mature and are …

More Featured Items

Frigid weather pushes up electricity price
Toronto Star
Frigid weather in Ontario has pushed power prices higher…

Ontario paid $1 billion to dump excess electricity in 2013, NDP claims
Toronto Star
Ontario ratepayers last year paid $1 billion to dump cheap electricity into neighbouring states and provinces, NDP MPP Peter Tabuns says…

Ontario powers up electricity exports but taxpayers …
National Post
The province’s Independent Electricity System Operator on Wednesday released its year-in-review of the province’s energy data. Most of the numbers …

Bruce Power sets record, providing 30% of Ontario’s power in 2013
The Post
59% of Ontario’s electricity generated by nuclear in the province – enough to as a key plank in Ontario’s revised Long-Term Energy Plan.

Ford to unveil solar-powered hybrid concept car at CES
Ford says that by using solar power instead of an electric plug, a typical Ontario hardware store owners and managers say their inventory of 

Ontario’s Long-Term Energy Plan, 2013: “Achieving Balance …
Mondaq News
On December 2, 2013, the Government of Ontario’s Ministry of Energy … kW), and a microFIT annual target of 50 MW (for projects under 10 kW)

Ontario develops plan to add hydropower
Review is currently under way of the Canadian province of Ontario’s new Long Term Energy Plan. By 2018, the province will add more than 

Ontario is tilting at the wrong windmills
The Globe and Mail-Dec 11, 2013
In Ontario, the generation and pricing of electricity have become a month, the Liberal government released its latest long-term energy plan

Ontario Looks to Hydropower for Energy Growth, With $1.6 Billion in
Power Engineering Magazine
Ontario Looks to Hydropower for Energy Growth, With $1.6 Billion in Ontario has launched the latest review of its Long-Term Energy Plan 

GridSmartCity Partners In the News

Innovative Eaton Power System of PIEVs previewed by President Obama
ENP Newswire
President Barack Obama today previewed an innovative plug-in hybrid electric utility truck with a power system developed by diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton Corporation (NYSE:ETN) and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)…

S&C Electric
Enhanced Wildlife-Protection Option for S&C Omni-Rupter Switches
Birds and squirrels are a leading cause of outages on utility distribution systems. To help address the problem, S&C is pleased to announce an enhanced wildlife protection option for S&C Omni-Rupter® Switches in the upright mounting configuration. The wildlife protection option features unique angled wildlife discs that cover the bases of switch support insulators to prevent animals from making phase-to-grounded part contact…


Many Americans are Plug Away from owing an EV
When it comes to electric cars, most people are worried about their limited range and potential repair costs. Instead, they should be concerned about where to plug the cars in. That’s the conclusion of a new study by Consumers Union and the Union of Concerned Scientists, which surveyed 914 adults who own cars in a nationally representative telephone sample…


Wynne to rein in Ontario Power after auditor’s tough report on
The Globe and Mail
The Ontario government is moving to arm itself with the power to Samir Basaria inspects the solar panels on the roof of his home in Ottawa…

OEB releases  Filing Requirements for Electricity Transmission Applications.

IESO launches Online Prudential Enhancement Working Group

Rural or Remote Electricity Rate Protection Charge announced for 2014


Electrical build puts the focus on water
Toronto Star
Dubbed the Clare Copeland Transformer Station, after Toronto Hydro’s former chairman, it’s one of the biggest infrastructure projects underway in the …


Ontario byelection results could herald or forestall spring election
Toronto Star
Liberals, Progressive Conservatives, and New Democrats are now preparing for an election campaign that might come in May.

Northern Ontario ridings could decide next provincial election: pollster
Less than a year ago, Kathleen Wynne won the Liberal leadership race to become Ontario’s first female premier. A new Forum Research poll shows …

Why Ontario’s economy is running out of energy: Cohn
Toronto Star
In the new Liberal paradigm, a futuristic green industry would be attracted by (unaffordably) high prices for wind turbines and solar panels — in …


Wind Turbines a Concern for Rural Ontario
Bayshore Broadcasting News Centre
Bayshore Broadcasting News asked you what you think the biggest concern is for rural Ontario in 2014, and the Green Energy Act spun out at number…

Ontario adding 3300 MW of renewable energy to grid by 2015
Canadian Manufacturing
The IESO expects total wind and solar generation capacity … TORONTO—The organization in charge of Ontario’s power system said more than …

Smart Grid

Utilidata Raises $20.5M for Voltage Optimization and Beyond
Greentech Media
CVR for Hydro Ottawa and Veridian in Canada, for AEP companies and AMI vendors including Silver Spring Networks, Sensus, Elster

Scammers target smart meters
Welland Hydro-Electric System Corporation is cautioning residents of a potential scam involving its Smart Meters.


TransCanada acquires additional Ontario power plant from Canadian Solar
The Globe and Mail
Deal for Mississippi Mills is the fourth facility TransCanada has acquired from Canadian Solar.

Canadian Solar Surging on Sales of Power Projects
More than 41 percent of the Guelph, Ontario-based company’s third-quarter Demand for solar power has surged in Ontario since the province 

Dunnville couple feeling burned by Certified Solar
Hamilton Spectator
As we originally reported April 30, Crumb borrowed the money after a salesperson told him the Ontario Power Authority’s microFIT program 


Hydro rates: Time of use rates haven’t spurred conservation, study …
Toronto Star
Smart meters are supposed to deliver benefits beyond conservation or changing patterns of use. For example, the meters allow utilities to see where …

GridWatch – October 23, 2013

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Featured Trends

Ontario issues $50000 prize for best new energy-conservation apps …
The Globe and Mail
The Energy Apps for Ontario Challenge is offering $50,000 to support the best new apps that use electricity data collected by smart meters. More than 4.7 million…

RoseWater Energy and PowerStream Partner to Evaluate Benefits of Residential Energy Storage Systems…
Hidden Wire News
RoseWater Energy Group, a provider of next-generation energy storage products, announces a partnership with Ontario-based energy distribution company…

Cancellation of Ontario gas plants to blame for upcoming hike in off
National Post
It’s another sign that the energy system under the Liberals has become an ‘expensive mess,’ said Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak.

Partner News

Finding ‘Made in Burlington’ energy solutions
Burlington Post – Contributor Rick Goldring Mayor of Burlington
It is easy to take energy for granted. That is, until there is a spike in cost or service disruption. But energy is central to our lives: it is a high profile commodity and the subject of daily newscasts, headlines, and water cooler conversations…

S&C to build 4.1 MW Massachusetts solar power project
Electric Light & Power
S&C Electric Co. won a contract for a $9.7 million project with Green States Energy for construction of a 4.1 MW solar photovoltaic farm in 

Union Gas celebrates opening of new Stoney Creek facility
Canada NewsWire (press release)
STONEY CREEK, ON, – Union Gas and the community of Hamilton are celebrating the official opening of a new office and 

Guelph Hydro Employee Receives ESA Award
Fountain Pen
Guelph Hydro is proud to announce that Roy Burch, Manager of Loss Prevention and Environmental Compliance, has been…

Finding ‘Made in Burlington‘ energy solutions
Our city is working with Burlington Hydro and other stakeholders to produce a community energy plan for conservation, to unlock the potential 

Elster Makes Presence Known at European Utility Week
Elster is showcasing a range of its products and services at this year’s European Utility Week 2013, including advanced meter infrastructure 

Oakville Hydro — Large Company of the Year
The Oakville Hydro Corporation announced this month it has won the title of Large Company of the Year by the Ontario Energy Association.

Energy-savings apps contest builds on Ontario’s smart meter plan
The Globe and Mail
To date, five local distribution centres (LDCs) – London Hydro, Hydro One, Milton Hydro, Festival Hydro, North Bay Hydro and Peterborough 

LED Streetlight Upgrade Project Reaches Half-Way Point
Kingston Herald
The Utilities Kingston and Kingston Hydro conservation team is helping residents and business owners conserve energy and save money.

TD Bank Group donates $1 million to University of Toronto
Canada NewsWire (press release)
TD Bank Group announced that a $1 million gift to and research in the field of urban forest conservation and biology.

Ontario’s electrical safety record improves, but high-risk behaviour
Canada NewsWire (press release)
The Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) is an administrative authority acting on behalf of the Government of Ontario with specific responsibilities 

Ontario Improving Decision-Making on Large Energy Projects
Government of Ontario News
Earlier this year, the government asked the OPA and the IESO to propose new siting rules for large energy projects. Work was completed over ..


Ontario reorganizes its FIT program
Windpower Engineering (press release
This follows the public announcements made by Minister Chiarelli at the recent CanSIA Solar Ontario Conference in Niagara Falls. Canadian ...

Ontario’s energy schmozzle
The Chronicle Journal
The Green Energy Plan’s feed-in tariff (FIT) program was supposed to leading producers to build their wind turbines and solar panels here.

Ontario’s Feed-In Tariff Program And The LDCs That Connect Them
Mondaq News Alerts
The Ontario Government intends to amend the FIT Program for compliance This original policy intent is reflected in Section 71(1) of the OEBA 

Industry News

Hydro rate rise blamed on Liberals’ private power deals
Toronto Sun
Ontario hydro rates are rising at well above the rate of inflation with no relief in sight, NDP MPP Peter Tabuns says…

Hydro bills to rise as off-peak power rates jump sharply
Toronto star
Ontario consumers face higher rates for electricity starting Nov. 1, especially during off-peak hours…

Ontario drives manufacturers away with overpriced electricity
The Globe and Mail
Thanks to a dysfunctional market, Ontario has become an island of high-priced electricity in a North American sea of surpluses and falling rat…

To sell or not to sell, Orangeville’s hydro dilemma
Orangeville Banner
George Dick listens to the larger hydro utilities kick the tires on Orangeville Hydro all the time. “Any interest in selling?” the local hydro utility’s president is asked…


Electric vehicle charging stations installed along Highway 401
Windsor Star
Electric vehicles are here to stay,” said Misch, vice-president of Sun Country Highway, a Saskatchewan-based seller and installer of Level 2 

Government support for natural gas powered vehicles urged
Windsor Star (blog)
In Ontario, the province offers rebates of up to $8,500 to buyers of plug-in electric or hybrid vehicles. Despite consumer rebates, EVs are 

Giving Thanks (In Canada) for Electric-Car Charging On Roads
Green Car Reports
Today is Canadian Thanksgiving, though the country’s electric vehicle enthusiasts could be forgiven a bit of pessimism. Plug-in car adoption 

NYC ‘Manhole Covers’ To Hide Resonance Chargers For Electric Cars
Green Car Reports
Imagine a future where electric-car charging stations are so well integrated into the cityscape that you literally wouldn’t notice one even if you

2014 BMW i3: First Drive Of BMW’s Radical New Electric Car
Green Car Reports
In building its first battery-electric vehicle, BMW has done precisely what it has been saying for three years it would do: build what may be the ..


Hydro users will pay for axing gas plants: opposition
Toronto Star
Consumers cringing over the 3 per cent hike in electricity prices coming Nov. 1 — an extra $4 a month for the average household — could get another shock in a few years….

New Democrats recalling Premier Wynne to testify at gas plants…
680 News
The New Democrats are recalling Premier Kathleen Wynne to testify at the gas plants committee, citing new numbers and new information…

McGuinty could have cancelled gas plant with no compensation costs, audit to show
The Globe and Mail
The Oakville contract would have been terminated because of events out of TransCanada’s control, government e-mails allege…


New nuclear scrapped by Liberals
Oshawa Express
“New nuclear will not be part of Ontario’s new Long Term Energy Plan,” says Minister Chiarelli. “The plan will be finalized before the end of this year.

OPG wants to bury 40 years of nuclear waste near Lake Huron
Toronto Star
Imagine a series of underground chambers filled with radioactive nuclear waste, some of which will remain toxic for tens of thousands of years.

Nuclear industry faces “critical decade”: OPG chief
Toronto Star
Canada’s nuclear industry faces a “critical decade” in which it will have to prove that big projects can be brought in on time and on budget, says the chief executive of Ontario Power Generation.

Out -Of-Province

Quebec looks to recharge economy with hydro lure
Financial Post
In a bid to rescue an economy in danger of slipping into recession, the Parti Québécois government has launched a multibillion dollar job creation effort…


If not new nuclear plants, what’s Ontario plan?
Toronto Star
If the Ontario government has ruled out building new nuclear plants and The McGuinty government based much of its energy policy on a big 

Smart Grid

Renewable-energy micro grids get smart
The Globe and Mail
But the plan to shift completely to renewable energy sources has run into problems. … BCIT’s goal is to use as much renewable energy as possible in the overall…

Ontario issues $50000 prize for best new energy-conservation apps
The Globe and Mail
The Energy Apps for Ontario Challenge is offering $50,000 to support the best new apps that use electricity data collected by smart meters. More than 4.7 million…

Ontario’s latest electricity scheme: Pumped energy storage
Financial Post
They are needed to offset the unreliability of wind and solar power. In Ontario’s electricity business environment, where cost is no object, adding …

Siemens Canada to invest in smart grid research projects with …
Canada NewsWire (press release)
FREDERICTON, NB, Oct. 2, 2013 /CNW/ – Siemens Canada and the University of New Brunswick (UNB) have agreed on the scope of two …


Canadian Solar announces sale of two utility scale solar power plants
The power plants will power approximately 3,340 homes, and will provide emissions free energy to Ontarians over their 20-year operational period covered under the Ontario Power Authority.

Local solar company heating up
Guelph Mercury
That is starting to lift, with the province renewing its commitment to solar energy and the FIT program. The past few years have been “a bit of a 

Recurrent Energy sells Ontario solar farms totalling 108MW
“With 20 solar photovoltaic programmes under construction in the region, Recurrent Energy is proud to help the province of Ontario realise its .


Ontario ahead of curve on wind
Ontario is the clear leader in the Canadian wind energy market with more than 2000MW in operation and thousands more coming online over the next few years, said Ontario Power Authority CEO Colin Anderson.

Gone with the wind? Proposed Ontario wind turbines may
Sun News Network
PETERBOROUGH, Ont. – Proposed wind farms in Cavan Monaghan Township and the City of Kawartha Lakes could derail plans for a 

Industry’s approach in wind turbine debate needs improvement
The Globe and Mail
The public and political debate over turbines – particularly heated in Ontario – can be “painful” for the wind power business, Canadian Wind 


State official to tour Canadian hydro plants
Boston Globe
The top energy official for Massachusetts heads to Canada on Sunday for a tour of massive hydroelectricity dams in Newfoundland, Labrador, and Quebec as…

Canadian Utilities Want Power Line Contacts Prevented
Occupational Health and Safety
Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro and Newfoundland Power jointly urged the public, contractors, and heavy equipment operators to identify the location of…

CVTech Group Inc. is awarded contracts with a total value of $45.8
Wall Street Journal
This line will enhance the reliability of the regional electrical network and public utility and heavy industrial markets mainly in Quebec, Ontario 


US Carbon Dioxide Pollution Sees Biggest Drop Since 1990
The Weather Channel
WASHINGTON — The United States cut its energy-related carbon dioxide …. said Jay Apt, director of the Carnegie Mellon Electricity Industry Center. He said in 1994 coal provided 52 percent of the U.S. power and now it is 

Obama energy nominee becomes climate change battleground
Washington Times
President Obama’s nominee to head an obscure but powerful energy panel is in deep trouble on Capitol Hill, but the White House said Thursday it’s still standing…

US Revives Aid Program for Clean Energy
New York Times
… the program remains under Congressional scrutiny after losing hundreds of millions in taxpayer money on investments in failed green energy start-ups like the…

Uranium diet: US nuclear power industry could face fuel shortage
RT (blog)
Russia has been supplying US nuclear power plants with fuel for a dumping price since 1995. But with the HEU-LEU agreement coming to an 

Analysis: US ‘war on coal’ may be good fight for some manufacturers
The regulations, which critics call a “war on coal,” will cost industry “tens of 1 U.S. state in terms of installed wind power capacity, according to 

Better late than never: Intel sets sights on smart grid market
Smart Grid News
Intel’s subsidiaries McAfee will help us reach our next step in the Smart Grid challenge, with specialised know-how in software solutions for 


The harsh realities of electric vehicles in China
The Globe and Mail
The central government recently reintroduced a program of cash incentives for purchasers of new all-electric vehicles, but it’s proving to be a 

Britain opens nuclear power projects to Chinese investment
Chicago Tribune
“While any initial Chinese stake in a nuclear power project is likely to be a … over time stakes in subsequent new power stations could be majority stakes,” a…

Supergrids and supernodes: Will Europe pave the way to
Smart Grid News-Oct 16, 2013
And now it looks as if Europe may also aggressively pursue high-voltage DC (HVDC) supergrids and supernodes, at least according to the .

Innovation award for “Virtual Power Plants” network
Renewable Energy Focus
The first commercial fuel cell virtual power plant in Germany has been officially opened in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The network features 25 BlueGen…

Energy industry set for big changes
Newstalk ZB
International energy chiefs anticipate a major industry shakeup in the PWC’s Australian utilities leader Mark Coughlin said the industry was 

Deal to Build a British Nuclear Plant Assumes a Role for Government
New York Times
LONDON — In a back-to-the-future bet on its energy policy, the in China, the companies will be “strategic and industrial partners” in the 

GridWatch – September 18, 2013

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Featured Video

Sun News- Turbine stand still
Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli’s announcement that the Province could order wind producers not to generate power when it isn’t needed, while still paying them at a reduced rate, spurred several negative reports. Chiarelli said the reduction in payments would save the province $200 million a year just on the wind turbines. See more on the topic in this month’s featured video

Partner Round-up

New nuclear not needed in Ontario, green groups say
Toronto Star
Ontario Power Generation is planning to do a mid-life overhaul of the Darlington reactors starting in 2016. The Bruce B units are also …

OEA Announces Leader and Companies of the Year at …
Marketwire (press release)
“The recipients, Oakville Hydro, Rodan Energy Solutions Inc. and Mr. David McFadden of Gowlings LLP all demonstrate dedication and …

CFE Mexico orders Elster’s electronic metering products
Energy Business Review
Elster has received a contract for delivery of its electronic meters to the … the contract seeks supply of Elster’s A3 ALPHA meter to help CFE …

System Improvements At IESO Help Transition to More Sustainable …
North American Windpower
Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) will mark a major milestone with the introduction of a new dispatch tool for …

TD Bank Group Honoured for Leadership in Climate Change Action
Canada NewsWire (press release)
TD Bank Group Honoured for Leadership in Climate Change Action … and renewable energy use are transforming the way we do business for …

Changes to FIT

OPA release draft version of FIT 3 Program Rules
pv magazine
Ontario Power Authority (OPA) publishes FIT 3 draft of proposed update to … Further proposed changes in FIT 3 include the permittance of both …

Important Changes To The OPA FIT Program: New Domestic …
Mondaq News Alerts (registration)
The new requirements apply to the Fall 2013 procurement window for Small FIT, microFIT, and pilot solar projects on unconstructed buildings, …

Industry News

Underwater power line to cross Lake Erie
The Globe and Mail
There is often surplus power in Ontario because of over-capacity, Mr. … selling his wind farm developer Ventus Energy Inc. to French energy …

Hydro One explores Oshawa hydro deal
Toronto Star
The fate of Ontario’s 75 local electric utilities has been up in the air since … the report touched off widespread discussion in the industry.

Health groups call on province to phase out coal power
Coal industry improving: province … conservation and more investment in renewable energy, such as wind and solar. It hopes its campaign will cause the public to pressure Alberta to take the lead from Ontario, which plans to …

Ontario power fee sets new record
Toronto Star
The global adjustment — a fee added to the market price of electricity in Ontario — has reached a record high…

It’s hot market for utilities
London Free Press
London city hall is on the sidelines while other Ontario cities race to cash in on the sale of utilities after Hydro One paid 50% more than book value for one.


Ford electric vehicles travel 30 million all electric miles
Ford, like many other automakers in the US and around the world, is currently pushing electric vehicles and hybrids heavily. Ford has …

PEI to install 40 electric car charging stations
Cape Breton Post
PEI to install 40 electric car charging stations … Basil Stewart says he hopes the project encourages more residents to use electric vehicles.

Plug-in electric vehicle sales growing fast in N America, says …
In Canada, the provinces of Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia … Which Chinese Solar Companies Will Survive The Coming Shakeout?

National Plug In Day takes place September 28 and 29
Autoblog (blog)
Test drives, tailgate parties and recharging demonstrations will all be … The first National Plug In Day took place in October 2011, where the …

Can you guess how many Canadians bought plug-in cars last month?
The Globe and Mail
Sales of the Nissan Leaf plug-in car soared 180 per cent in August. … Add in taxpayer-funded incentives ranging from $5,000-$8,231 in Ontario, Quebec … from regulators to sell more electric cars for the benefit of the climate.

Electric vehicles will definitely save money
A recent study by Pollution Probe in Ontario tracked the detailed performance of three electric vehicles and their gasoline powered equivalents …


Ontario voters not dismayed by Liberal gas plant scandal, poll suggests
The Globe and Mail
A new poll by Innovative Research Group has Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Grits at 37 per cent among decided voters, seven points ahead of Tim Hudak’s Progressive Conservatives.

New auditor general Bonnie Lysyk’s first report to be on gas-plant cancellation
Toronto Sun
Ontario’s new auditor general hails from Saskatchewan, the Sun has learned…


Lights out for nuclear power?
Germany has pegged its energy future to wind and solar—although it … Increasingly, it seems that the industry’s best prospects for expansion are in the Far East. … and is currently working on plants in Argentina and Ontario.

How Ontario plans to deal with tonnes of nuclear waste: Bury the …
The Globe and Mail
The utility’s disposal plan and a parallel proposal to build a high-level …. benefits to an area that has little industry beyond the nuclear plant.

Nuclear power: Ontario’s reliable, affordable, environmentally …

Canada NewsWire (press release)
… environmentally responsible and safe choice for electricity and jobs … of Ontario’s electrical needs, the Canadian Nuclear Association (CNA) …

Out -Of-Province

Soaring electricity bills become key issue in NS election race
CTV News
“They want to hitch our wagon to Hydro-Quebec, one of the largest utility … is that it has already been discarded as a failure in New Brunswick.

Energy minister rejects 26 per cent Hydro hike
Victoria Times Colonist
B.C. Hydro’s new smart meters transmit data wirelessly, so meter readers are not … which represents B.C. Hydro workers, released a confidential Hydro report…

BC Hydro outlines smart meter refusal cost
BC Hydro is replacing digital and analog power consumption meters with wireless-enabled ‘smart meters.’ (CBC). BC Hydro has revealed how …

Alberta lagging in wind power generation
Lethbridge Herald
But Alberta’s electrical power strategy still focuses on natural gas and … to install smaller wind turbines and sell their surplus through Hydro’s …

Liberals are failing B.C. Hydro customers
The ProvinceThe public has every right to feel angry and betrayed after learning about a proposed 26.4-per-cent hike in B.C. Hydro rates for 2014 to 2016.

Send Manitoba’s power west
Winnipeg Free Press
Manitoba Hydro needs to find new markets for its power to help finance its current and future operations. Alberta needs to reduce its …

Energy issues debated at meeting of premiers, NE governors
Montreal Gazette
New Brunswick has been pushing for pipeline transportation, … about a 1969 agreement giving Churchill Falls power to Hydro-Québec for 0.25 …

Alberta Wind Farm Risks Underground Pipelines and Continental …
PR Web (press release)
Enmax notes that surplus wind may cost Alberta taxpayers millions of dollars, referring to Ontario, citing “Surplus wind power could cost Ontario …


Ontario’s power policies an example of what not to do
Globe and Mail
The political firestorm raging in Ontario about the cost of cancelling two … costs and $12-billion to business and industrial costs, transforming Ontario’s … Instead, it simply directed utility regulators to comply with policies that …

In Ontario, electricity bills are reason to weep
The Globe and Mail
If you live in Ontario, deciphering your electricity bill is like trying to crack the … what you fork out goes to pay for decades of bungled energy policy-making. … with 90 per cent of its hydro and wind power sold “under long-term, .

Smart Grid

Smart grid wins: a smorgasbord of projects, funding and acquisition …
Smart Grid News-Sep 13, 2013
Our smart grid wins roundup features a truly varied collection of innovative projects, a first for the EV charging industry, good news for rural …

Capital shows powerful smart-grid potential
Ottawa Business Journal
Last month, the Ontario government launched a second round of applications for its $50-million Smart Grid Fund, putting a spotlight on local …

Ontario Supports Emerging Smart Grid Innovations
Government of Ontario News
Ontario is building on its momentum to create the most connected, efficient and reliable energy grid in the world. With support from the province, …


Will the iPhone 6 Use Solar Energy for Charging Itself?
International Business Times AU-Sep 15, 2013
Apple’s patented solar technology could be seen in the iPhone 6, according to analysts. According to media reports Apple is now looking to hire …

Guelph solar plant ‘world class,’ province’s energy minister says
Guelph Mercury
… to Ontario firms involved in clean energy alternatives in the province. … Chiarelli said while renewable energy sources such as solar energy …

Rooftop solar panels pose dangers, Ontario firefighters say
A Windsor CBC Report says Firefighters across Ontario are raising concerns about alternative energy sources, particularly solar panels.  Industry experts challenge the notion. See more on this issues featured video.. .

Good news on solar energy front
Toronto Star
By the way, the Ontario Power Authority says that Ontario has at least … As reported in the Star, “A burgeoning solar panel industry in China …

Vine Fresh plants six-acre solar rooftop array
Daily Commercial News
… Fresh Produce Ltd. greenhouse is an eyeopener under Ontario’s Green Energy Act, according to a specialist in the solar power industry. … but it’s been a big issue for the overall utility space in the market place today where …

Good news for the smart meter market: 100M units per year in 2014
Smart Grid News
Quick Take: I recently wrote of my contrarian view that the smart grid is poised for another round of growth. Now research firm IHS is out with a ..

New nuclear not needed in Ontario, green groups say
Toronto Star
Declining power consumption in Ontario means that new nuclear … “To protect electricity consumers and Ontario’s burgeoning renewable energy industry, … of power from green energy projects – hydro, solar, wind, biomass, …


Ontario paying for wind turbines to not produce electricity
Toronto Star
Ontario will start paying wind power generators not to produce electricity, but the government says the move will actually save ratepayers big …

Ontario Liberals blowing in the wind
Sun News Network
Ontario Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli argues it’s better to pay wind developers not to produce electricity than to pay them to produce electricity …

Municipalities won’t get a veto on wind turbines: Ontario energy …
iPolitics.ca (subscription)
A growing list of Ontario municipalities say they don’t want wind turbines in their communities, but the province’s energy minister isn’t about to …


As senators promote symbolic vote, Canadian ambassador touts …
Environment & Energy Publishing
… “ahead of the U.S.” on curbing coal-fired utility emissions and is prepared to … to ship Pennsylvania shale gas to Ontario, displacing fuel from Alberta, and … Before climate activists and the oil industry can sway Obama, they …


Enabling Technologies for the Smart Grid
PR Newswire
An overview of the US market for smart grid, with coverage of the evolution and inspiration through biomimetics and bioinspired designs. Analyses of US market …

‘Dirtiest’ power plants inefficient
Boston Globe
A report released Tuesday by a Massachusetts environmental advocacy group shows the nation’s 50 dirtiest power plants accounted for about 30 percent of the…


Ethanol-heavy Brazil ready to shift focus to electric vehicles
Given that Brazilian regulators are scaling back the amount of ethanol in the country’s fuel supply, the country is likely to see a substantial jump …

Smart grid vision and roadmap for India
Metering International
New Delhi, India A Smart Grid Vision and Roadmap for India has been launched calling for a …

Possible energy crisis in South Korea
The Globe and Mail
South Korea warns of possible blackouts and power outages in the coming months. Julie Noce reports.

Australia breaks wind power record
Herald Sun
Across the country, enough power was generated from wind farms to make toasted … The new high levels of wind power were a result of the growing number of…

Japan to spend nearly $500M on Fukushima crisis
The London Free Press
High radiation levels are spreading at the ruined Fukushima nuclear plant, its operator said on Monday, and the Japanese government prepared to offer more funding and oversight to try to contain the crisis.

Germany warns EU not to meddle in its energy policy
Globe and Mail
Economy Minister Philipp Roesler says competencies of the executive European Commission and both the federal and state governments in Germany were clearly defined and should be upheld…

GridWatch – June 19, 2013

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GridSmartCity® Utility Partners Formalize the Establishment of a Cooperative

New purchasing powers expected to realize efficiencies of scale for partner utilities

Local Distribution Company (LDC) partners of GridSmartCity (GSC) announced the formation of the GSC Cooperative, an entity that will help bring greater efficiencies and broader scope to the purchasing powers of utilities through cooperative initiatives.

The establishment of the GridSmartCity Cooperative enables its ten member LDCs – Burlington Hydro Inc., Cambridge and North Dumfries Hydro Inc., Guelph Hydro Electric Systems Inc., Halton Hills Hydro Inc., Kingston Hydro Corp., Kitchener-Wilmot Hydro Inc., Milton Hydro Distribution Inc., Niagara Peninsula Energy Inc., Oakville Hydro Electricity Distribution Inc., and Waterloo North Hydro Inc. – to work together with a common focus and achieve scale efficiencies, while maintaining individual autonomy.

Art Skidmore, President and CEO, Halton Hills Hydro Inc., has been named as Steering Committee Chair to oversee the GSC Cooperative, while Jerry Van Ooteghem, President and CEO, Kitchener-Wilmot Hydro Inc., becomes Vice Chair. Recently appointed General Manager, Neil Sandford, will have the responsibility of managing and administering the Cooperative’s operations.

“We all recognize the great potential that exists when it comes to the power of collective purchasing,” said Steering Committee Chair Art Skidmore. “We’ve taken the important step of formalizing an approach that will offer a full spectrum of cooperative ventures to improve efficiencies within our businesses.”

The GSC Utility Partners Cooperative aligns with the provincial government’s desire for Ontario’s LDCs to find ways to achieve greater efficiencies of scale and scope in their operations.

“It was only practical to establish an entity that pools our resources, creates opportunities for stakeholders and helps streamline our purchasing capabilities,” said Vice Chair, Jerry Van Ooteghem.  “Ultimately, when all is said and done, it will be our customers who benefit.”

More Featured Trends

David McFadden Energy Entrepreneur Challenge Award Announced
Mondaq News Alerts (registration)
The David McFadden Energy Entrepreneur Challenge Award will be available to competing students in Ontario on an annual basis. Each year 

Happy birthday to the Green Energy and Green Economy Act
Toronto Star- Ontario’s Green Energy and Green Economy Act turns four this month. And there’s a lot to celebrate. Just 10 years ago, the province got 

City opens first electric vehicle chargers in core
Hamilton Spectator
Two charging stations were officially unveiled at the York Boulevard parkade on Tuesday, though Ward 2 Councillor Jason Farr said they’ve

Changes to FIT

Despite changes to FIT focusing on more says for Municipalities, the announcement met mixed reviews.

“Ontario is not backing down from continuing to build a robust renewable energy sector that creates tens of thousands of good jobs. The Ontario government will replace the Feed-In Tariff Program and give communities and municipalities a stronger voice, more options and new tools when it comes to renewable energy”
Bob Chiarelli
Ontario Energy Minister

“Chiarelli, who offered more details at a solar energy conference in Niagara Falls,  has provided far too little, far too late.”
Garth Manning, Chairman
County Coalition for Safe and Appropriate Green Energy

Ontario Minister Of Energy Announces Changes To FIT Program …
Canada – Energy and Natural Resources – Ontario Minister Of Energy Announces Changes To FIT Program Rules; Will Comply …

Ontario Minister of Energy announces changes to FIT program rules …
Ontario Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli announced the much anticipated changes the current Liberal …

Ontario revamps FIT program
pv magazine
Ontario is set to introduce a number of major changes to its solar feed-in-tariff (FIT) program that will create a competitive procurement process …

Partner News

GridSmartCity® Utility Partners Formalize the Establishment of a
Canada NewsWire
Local Distribution Company (LDC) partners of GridSmartCity (GSC) are pleased to announce the 

Energy rate hike back on table in Ontario
Globe and Mail
Ontario’s energy regulator will have to reconsider a bid by Ontario Power Generation to hike the price of electricity.The OPG, the government-owned company that produces most of the province’s power, proposed a 6.5-per-cent increase…

Benefits of e-cars touted
Cambridge Times
In a world where convenience reigns supreme, Cara Clairman has her work cut out for her. Clairman is president and CEO of Plug’n Drive, 

Waterloo North Hydro Inc. to receive Fire Safety Award
Canada NewsWire
(Waterloo North Hydro Inc. to receive Fire Safety Award.

Pollination Guelph Plants Garden to Attract Native Bees, Butterflies
Exchange Morning Post
Pollination Guelph volunteers are planting a pollinator-friendly garden in front of 395 Southgate Drive. Pollinators are the insects and birds that 

 Tune into Oakville Hydro Power Line forum
Inside Halton
Oakville Hydro will join Burlington Hydro on Wednesday, May 15 in presenting a joint Power Line Safety Seminar at the Burlington Convention Centre, 1120 Burloak Dr. It is for managers and owner-operators of non-electrical businesses whose workers are …

Industry News
Power plant cancellation documents secured from Dalton McGuinty’s office, top civil servant testifies
Mississauga News
Key bureaucrats who felt “uncomfortable” about the safety of sensitive documents scooped computers from former Premier Dalton McGuinty’s staff before he left office, Ontario’s top civil servant testified yesterday.

Selling London Hydro sparks lively debate
Metro News Canada
The sale of London Hydro may be worth millions to taxpayers, but the voltage was just too high for councillors on Monday night. Two years after the question of cashing in on the major public asset was last on the agenda, it made a return to a council…

McGuinty’s staff purged records after power-plants probe began
Globe and Mail
The e-mail records of a close adviser to Ontario’s former premier were purged five weeks after a legislative committee ordered the government to release all documents in connection with the controversial cancellation of two gas-fired power plants.

Energy rate hike back on table in Ontario
Globe and Mail
Ontario’s energy regulator will have to reconsider a bid by Ontario Power Generation to hike the price of electricity.The OPG, the government-owned company that produces most of the province’s power, proposed a 6.5-per-cent increase…

High Ontario power rates blamed for deterring investment
A growing number of Ontario mayors and manufacturers say the province’s energy prices and infrastructure are bad for business. According to 

Hydro One replaces over 11000 wood poles to maintain system
Canada NewsWire
Hydro One crews across the province are replacing 11,000 poles this year across its 120,000 kilometer 

Province blows off wind megawatt goal
Brandon Sun
While Manitoba’s neighbours are building turbines like gangbusters, Manitoba’s policy-makers are letting wind power breeze on by.

Moose Creek Energy opens new landfill gas-to-energy plant in …
Canada NewsWire
Moose Creek Energy opens new landfill gas-to-energy plant in Ottawa area.

Water power on the rise
The Chronicle Journal
And advocates of hydroelectric power say the technology is making a comeback, and most of the gains will be in Northern Ontario.

Renewable energy: Flywheels could boost Ontario’s power grid
Toronto Star
The idea behind flywheels is simple, and ancient. They store energy by spinning at high speeds up to 11,500 revolutions per minute in the case of Temporal’s wheels. Temporal’s wheels in fact are tall cylinders, about 75 centimetres in diameter and 1.25…


Electric-car makers lower prices in race to catch Toyota’s Prius
Globe and Mail
Nissan Canada Inc. said Tuesday it will offer a lower-priced version of its Leaf when the 2013 model goes on sale next month. General Motors …

New 2013 Leaf Introduced To Canadians At Lower Price
Hybrid Cars News
The new Nissan Leaf will show up in Camada with a new base trim level and a revised price. Nissan has announced that Canadian pricing for …

VIDEO: City opens first electric vehicle chargers in core
Hamilton Spectator-May 29, 2013
Two charging stations were officially unveiled at the York Boulevard parkade on Tuesday, though Ward 2 Councillor Jason Farr said they’ve …

Bombardier branches out into electric bus business
Globe and Mail
Prototype with electric propulsion system, a new type of battery and a novel wireless charging…


Gas-plant scandal: Tories launch ad blitz tying Wynne to McGuinty
Toronto Star
With three summer byelections looming, the Progressive Conservatives have launched an ad blitz attacking Premier Kathleen Wynne as the second coming of Dalton McGuinty.

In Ontario power-plant scandal, cover-up is worse than the crime
Globe and Mail
The Privacy Commissioner’s finding that former Liberal staffers deleted emails relating to the controversial gas-plant cancellations only make matter worse, writes Adam Radwanski.

Convert Thunder Bay Generating Station to Gas
Net Newsledger
THUNDER BAY – Without solid action, Thunder Bay could face rolling brownouts. The Ontario Government and the OPGA have yet to commit 


Liability for nuclear plant operators will jump to $1 billion
Toronto Star
Increases from $75 million in case of accidents, says natural resources minister Joe Oliver.

Nuclear waste meetings draw criticism in Bruce County
Toronto Star
Meetings between Bruce County mayors and nuclear waste planners took place for years behind closed doors, local groups have learned.

Aging Pickering nuclear plant seeks five more years
Toronto Star
Canada’s oldest nuclear power plant is seeking to renew its operating license for five years. Critics say it should be closed

Out -Of-Province

Smart meter upgrade would cost Saskatoon $20M
CBC News
The City of Saskatoon is considering buying smart meters. The meters track exactly how much water or electricity is being used by a home. The meters then instantly transmit those numbers to city officials. Kevin Hudson, Saskatoon Light and Power’s…

Private hydro plants fall short on monitoring
Vancouver Sun
Private run-of-river hydro facilities are falling short of meeting both the specific monitoring requirements for their projects as well as general industry guidelines, a consultant’s report commissioned by the federal fisheries department concludes…

Ottawa vows tougher disclosure rules for energy
Globe and Mail
The federal government plans to introduce mandatory reporting standards for Canadian energy and mining companies about the payments they make to foreign governments.

Crafting US energy policy via Canada
Vancouver Sun
Michael Levi tried his best to keep his latest book focused on the future of U.S. energy and not delve deeply into Canadian projects. It was not to be, and he ended up writing an entire chapter on the U.S. environmental movement’s claims on TransCanada…


New Ontario green energy rules to give municipalities greater
National Post
New Ontario green energy rules to give municipalities greater control over projects and a chance to collect revenue. Keith Leslie, Canadian …

Happy birthday to the Green Energy and Green Economy Act
Toronto Star
Ontario’s Green Energy and Green Economy Act turns four this month. And there’s a lot to celebrate. Just 10 years ago, the province got …

Smart Grid

Take a look at this week’s smart grid wins and honors
Smart Grid News
It’s been a good week for smart grid projects of all stripes. Not to mention recognitions from the Edison Electric Institute for utilities judged worthy …

Perhaps it’s time to redefine smart grid
Electric Light & Power
Despite substantial increases in smart grid investment during the past several years, the American Society of Civil Engineers gave the U.S. grid the same D+ …

Power Engineering International
Power Engineering International-May 23, 2013
Welcome to the online version of our Power Engineering International (Pei) print publication. This is where to find archive magazine articles as 


Recurrent Energy Reaches Commercial Operation With Six Solar
Recurrent Energy, a leading North American solar project developer, today announced the commercial operation of six photovoltaic (PV) 

Canadian Solar signs deal for Ontario plant
NEW YORK (AP) — Canadian Solar landed a $304.2 million contract to construct a power plant in Ontario, sending shares 6 percent higher 

Canadian Solar Sells 4 PV Power Plants For $217 Million in Ontario
BluEarth Renewables is based in Canada. The power plants were 38.5 MWac. They were part of the Ontario pipeline, which was said to be 


Ontario municipalities to get more say on wind farms, and chance to…
Globe and Mail
Ontario’s Liberal government is changing the rules on green energy projects to give municipalities a greater say over the location of new wind 

Kathleen Wynne’s grudging wind turbine reforms unlikely to end
Toronto Star
After years of dismissing rural opposition to wind turbines, Ontario’s Liberal government is belatedly trying to defuse the problem. Its efforts may 

Expert Report Confirms No Direct Health Effects From Wind Turbines
Government of Ontario News
An expert report has concluded there is no direct health risk from wind turbine sound at Ontario’s regulated setback distance. The study 

Wind energy company threatens to take its case to Ontario Energy …
A wind energy company says a refusal by the City of Kawartha Lakes to discuss the placement of collector lines for a controversial wind turbine project in Manvers Township could force the company to ask the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) to intervene – and the City may have to pay for the hearing.

Ontario Ministry Approves 100 MW Dufferin Wind Power Project
North American Windpower
The Ontario Ministry of Environment has issued Dufferin Wind Power (DWP) a renewable energy approval (REA) for the developer’s proposed 


Obama Administration Approves New Renewable Energy Projects
Greener Ideal
In a June press release issued by the U.S. Department of the Interior, new Interior Secretary Sally Jewel announced the Obama administration’s latest steps in its “all-of-the-above” energy strategy. The release announced the approval of three renewable…

Beyond The Border: US And Canada Expand Partnership In Trade
Albany Tribune
In December 2011, President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper released the Beyond the Border Action Plan.

100000 Smart Meters Safely Installed in Southeast Texas
Transmission and Distribution World
Smart electric meters allow customers to see how much energy they consume and can use this information to actively manage their daily usage and save on their electricity bill. As part of a federal energy program to modernize how homes and businesses…

Top US Utilities Are Cleaning Up Their Acts: Plant Emissions Drop
Renew Grid
The Benchmarking Air Emissions report, authored by M.J. Bradley & Associates and sponsored by Ceres, NRDC, Entergy Corp., Exelon, Pacific Gas and Electric Co., PSEG, Tenaska and Bank of America, analyzes the latest available generation and …

Obama wants to elevate linemen to first responder status
Smart Grid News
I want to see us do a better job of showing the link between smart grid investments and improved reliability. For instance, S&C Electric has a tool it uses to help customers document the savings to their customers from reduced outages.


WTO rules Ontario’s Green Energy Act illegal
rabble.ca-May 30, 2013
The World Trade Organization says the local content requirements of legislation introduced in Ontario in 2009 discriminates against other 

Smart Meters: The Game Is On
TechWeekEurope UK-by Max Smolaks-
Today is the last day energy companies can submit their proposals to participate in a £7 billion project to switch most of the UK to Smart Meters 

Developing Countries Lead Global Shift to Green Energy
Inter Press Service
Renewables represented 6.5 percent of all electricity generated and reduced carbon emissions by 1 billion tonnes in 2012,” said Moslener, co-author of Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment 2013, a report sponsored by the U.N. Environment …

UK Energy Bill Advances as Parliament Rejects Carbon Goal
Business Week
Lawmakers in the House of Commons voted 267-290 to reject an amendment to the Energy Bill that would have required Prime Minister David Cameron to set a goal by April 1 for removing most carbon emissions from power generation by 2030.

Electricity crisis grips Pakistan as temperatures reach 40 C
Globe and Mail
With rising summer temperatures, Pakistan is witnessing a sudden rise in tempers as the country’s electricity crisis grips its 180 million population. Pakistanis, who have had to endure “load shedding” – the term widely used to refer to rolling …

Utility CEOs Slam EU Energy Policy
Wall Street Journal
The chief executives of eight leading energy utilities Wednesday criticized the European Union’s political leaders for the bloc’s fragmented energy policy, calling for a more favorable market environment to encourage investment in energy …

Greenhouse gas surpasses threshold unseen in two million years
Toronto Star
Worldwide levels of carbon dioxide have reached their highest level in almost two million years — an amount never before encountered by humans.

City opens first electric vehicle chargers in core
Hamilton Spectator
Two charging stations were officially unveiled at the York Boulevard parkade on Tuesday, though Ward 2 Councillor Jason Farr said they’ve